I can’t believe this is happening!  I thought for sure that since I didn’t get in last year, I wouldn’t get in this time around.  I wasn’t even thinking about the possibility, I mean Elly basically forced me to do it. Haha

But I was really prepared.  Last year, during the phone interview, I wrote down all of the questions so I could give it to Elly so she could prepare for her interview.  This was pretty helpful because I was able to use the things I said last year and added new stuff to make me sound cooler/more qualified.

They did not ask the same exact questions, but the main ones were similar.  Elly did her interview at 10:30 and I did mine after at 11:45 on March 29th.  It was cool because I got to sit in during hers and take notes about ideas that I would use during my own interview.

I was SO MAD at Elly!  Even though we have gone through the plan 50,000 times, she STILL said Disneyland instead of Disneyworld!!  I have done a ton of research about the different locations, and I just like Disneyworld better.  The rent is cheaper, the housing is closer, and the parks are bigger.  What’s not to love?!  Plus my Aunt Barbara and Uncle Peter live two hours away and Aunt Pam visits like once a month, so it’s not like we would be completely stranded and alone, without any family.

But I said Disneyworld and Elly said Disneyland so, OF COURSE, we each got what we wanted with the same job, Merchandise.  Too bad it isn’t together!  Elly tried getting it switched with the recruiters from both locations, but she was turned down.  It’s just so frustrating because we know how easy it would be to switch us!


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