Moving to Disneyworld with Elly!!

So I was sitting in class and I got a call and text from Elly saying that she has been switched to Disneyworld!!!  Aunt Pam sent us an email on Monday (4/14) saying that she finally heard back from her connection about getting one of us switched to the same park!

“Just got a very positive response back from Disney today.  You should hear from a recruiter in the next few days.  They said “no problem”.  It’s never done till it’s done, but at least it’s looking good!” – Aunt Pam

Elly and I didn’t really get our hopes up, but she made it happen!  I was so surprised!  Apparently, the recruiter called and told Elly about how she does not normally do this, but she was going to perform some “Disney Magic” for her! Yay!  So she switched Elly to Disneyworld, sent her a new offer and then linked our accounts so that we will have the same arrival day!  Horrayy!!!

This makes me feel so relieved!  I have been stressed out thinking about all these crazy changes and I just wasn’t sure of what to do.  I think this really will help me feel more comfortable about being gone for so long.

So we are back to the plan of flying to Florida on July 30th to hang out at Aunt Barbara and Uncle Peter’s house for a few days, plus ship out most of our stuff, and then they will drive us to Disney on our arrival date of August 5th.



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