DCP Move -In Day!

8am:  The check-in line.  So HOT!!!!!!
Check-in Line at 8am was out the door and down the parking lot in the hot August sun!
Check-in line at 8am was out the door and down the parking lot in the hot August sun! So humid!!

We have arrived at the DCP!!!

Welcome (2)
Welcome to the DCP Program!

Move-In Day!

Today we woke up at 6am to be ready to line up at 8am in front of Vista Way.

DCP apartment locations
DCP apartment locations

It was super easy to find Vista Way. It was just along Highway I-4 and we could see it from the street! We pulled in and Uncle Peter dropped us off to get in line while he was going back to the hotel.

We were told to not get there before 7am and check in was between 8-10am. When we got there at 8am, the line was already around the side of the building and down the other side!

We waited in that line for more than an hour. It was hot, 97 degrees with humidity and no shade! I can’t tell you how much everyone was just pouring sweat! I was so worried because I knew we’d have to take a picture when we got inside and I was worried about my makeup melting off!

From the look of it, Elly was the only one in line who had brought a water bottle! At one point, I tried fanning my face with my hand and I literally felt nothing! So hot and sticky!

We got to the front of the line and handed in our DORMS forms. Then, we waited indoors for our housing. Elly and I are rooming together in Chatham Square! We wanted a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, but we got a 3 bedroom instead. 😦

Then, we waited in another line and got our roles. I am working in Animal Kingdom at Discovery Island! It is right by the Tree of Life. Yay! I’m so excited because DAK has the shortest hours and we can wear shorts! 🙂

Elly got the Pin Traders role at Downtown Disney. She’ll probably get long hours because Magic Kingdom and DTD always stay open really late in the summer, sometimes until 2am!

We finally finished up around 10:30am and Aunt Barbara and Uncle Peter met up with us and took us to our apartment.

Disney Intern Housing at Chatham Square
Our apartment is at Chatham Square, not Vista Way, because we are both over 21.

Chatnam Square is so nice! The buildings are really pretty, blue and white plantation style, newly painted. We will have 4 other roommates living with us.

Chatnam Square
Outside our DCP apartment.

We immediately had to check out a vacuum because everything just seemed really dirty! We moved all the furniture around to get all vacuumed. The vacuum actually broke because there was so much hair wrapped around the filter! Yuck!

Walking to Disney Casting with Caroline.
Caroline walking into Disney Casting.

We went to Casting next at 1pm. We took the bus from Vista Way to Casting and got there by 1:30pm. We were told it should take under an hour but we were there for over 3 hours.

At Disney Casting, finding Hidden Mickeys in the sparkles on the wall!
Elly at Disney Casting, finding Hidden Mickeys in the sparkles on the wall!

It was just lines and lines and lines! But, at least I found out when I get to start working. I have a great start! My first work day isn’t until the 11th and then my first costumed day is the 13th.  That’s great because it means I can spend the whole week with mom and dad in the Parks having fun!

Here’s the rest of my week:
Tuesday:  Move all our stuff in and get organized.  We are playing around with the idea about getting a day pass to hang in the parks for the afternoon.
Wednesday:  Mandatory dorm meeting at 1pm at the Commons. Afternoon free.
Thursday:  Traditions class! Have to be on the bus by 6:45am to get there at 8am. First paid day and we have to wear professional clothes. We will receive our work ID and our name badge. Yay! Then we can finally get into the parks for free!!! Spend the night in the parks with mom and dad!
Friday: Ellys birthday! Hopefully going to the parks, maybe Epcot!

Elly’s first work day is the 8th, then she has her birthday off, and then she works again on Friday. She’ll have a lot more hours than me this semester.

I’m just so happy that Elly and I got to room together! We are in the apartments we wanted and we got awesome roles! And it’s really great mom and dad are here this first week to hang out with us!  (They drove down Elly’s car from Colorado so we would have a car here during our program.)

I don’t know how we could have done it without the help and support of Aunt Barbara and Uncle Peter. Picking us up from the airport in Fort Myers a couple days ago, driving us all around, helping us shop for apartment stuff, driving us here to Orlando!

We are so thankful to be at Disney World today!!! 🙂

Here is what our apartment looks like:

Our Bedroom
Elly’s twin bed

We are in a 3 bedroom (6 girls) apartment at Chatham Square.  The ceilings are really high (9′) and the apartment is roomy.  We like it a lot!

We got our bedroom all decorated and the beds made up. The bedrooms are huge and each has it’s own private bath with tub/shower. The bathroom is big too, we got a small 3 drawer cabinet from Walmart to put our stuff in.   We love the walk-in closet in our bedroom, lots of room to store stuff.  The washers/dryers are across from us.

The apartment’s A/C is fabulous.  We keep it set to 72 degrees and have a small fan in the bedroom for nighttime.

Elly’s side of the room:

We’ll need to take all the stuff off the walls during inspection week.
My side.  The cork board came with the room and we’ve covered it with Disney fabric from Walmart.

Each bedroom comes with 2 very firm twin beds, a large dresser with mirror, and two nightstands.  We’re glad we bought foam mattress pads for our beds!!!

Some more photos of our apartment:  Chatham Apartment Photos


working together at DAK
Working together at DAK.



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