1st Week – Done!

new hire

So, I have officially worked a full week by myself!  Wooo!  I have worked closing every day.  We closed the Park either at 6pm or 7pm, and then we stay for about two hours after that to restock and organize for the next day.  Elly has been really nice and has picked me up so I don’t have to spend an hour on the bus!

People have asked me what I think about the humidity here with my being from Colorado.  Omg, I am so hot!  It helps that I’m wearing a long skirt! Haha. Luckily, there are four stores with good air conditioning and only two outdoor carts, which I am rotated around on, so that’s working out OK.

My absolute favorite place to work is Baby Care!  It’s a place where parents can come to privately nurse, change diapers, feed, and just cool down in the air conditioning.  I especially love it because there is a quiet room which plays Disney movies all day long!

I worked it one day and got to watch ‘Aristocrats’!  Yay!  I am going to talk to my manager about requesting more Baby Care shifts!


Animal Kingdom - Discovery Island

My workplace at Discovery Island, Animal Kingdom.

I think my managers really like me.  In one day, I got 5 cards telling about the good things I did and I got a big card which will permanently go on my Disney record saying I did something good for guests!  Yay!


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