About My Costume


I LOVE my costume!!!

It’s a long tribal skirt which sits two inches above my bellybutton, and then a long shirt that goes over it, then a collar with seashells on it.  Pure polyester tho!  😦

I actually really like the skirt because it isn’t constricting and I can get a breeze on my legs when I walk.

We can sign out five costumes a week and turn them back in for cleaning.  I wish they had more shirts in my size, since they have been completely out of my size shirt for the past month! Not sure what all the new cast members are doing since Costuming only has 1,000 Smalls and XLs!

My other costume is a stocking costume, aka the “mud shirt”.  It’s brown and tan with brown high-waisted shorts.  I don’t like the shorts at all!  But at least we don’t have to wear it tucked in.

I also have Disney rain gear because it literally rains here every afternoon.

Finishing up the costume, I wear my black leather sneakers (with inserts!) and black socks.

And my nametag which always goes over my heart.  ❤

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