Disney Guests Make My Day

Working at Island Mercantile with Becca.

Working at Island Mercantile with Becca.

I have been really lucky and have only great interactions with Park guests!  Everyone is so nice!  Especially considering that I’m new here and have to think about locations for guests who come to me for directions (“Where is Africa?  Where can we see Mickey? Where is…”)!  Sometimes, I just walk with them over to where they want to go rather than just pointing the way.

My all-time favorite is talking to little kids though!  I had a whole conversation with a little girl about how her favorite ride was the flying bed sheets!!  Took me a second to realize that she was talking about Aladdin’s Magic Carpet ride at the Magic Kingdom!  So cute!

I also love pin trading with the guests!  It seems to come in waves where 5 guests will want to see my pins, then no trades for 15 minutes, then more trades.  So much fun.  It makes the day go so fast.

I have been told at least three times a day about how I’m so pretty, and that I should be a Disney princess!  Isn’t that cool??  Now I really want to audition for a character role!  🙂

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