Elly Performs a “Magical Moment”

Downtown Disney at night.  I've been working the 12pm - Midnight shift!

Downtown Disney at night. I’ve been working the 12pm – Midnight shift!

Elly Performs a “Magical Moment”

I was working carts at night, and we sold out of almost everything from the glow cart. Kids love that stuff. When I’m selling it, I wear the full light-up Mickey ears, 2 or 3 light up necklaces, and hold a wand or a spiny toy.

During my shift, I was sent back to restock the cart. One of the rules is that you’re not allowed to go down the main drag of the Downtown Disney area when we’re walking to and from locations. So, unlike in Magic Kingdom where you can just take any Cast Member door and head underground, I have to walk all this roundabout way, do this long loop around the parking lot, then follow all these random sidewalks just to get back to my “Zone 1”. It’s very long.

I was pushing this little shopping basket full of wands and toys back to the cart, and I stopped in front of a ‘photo stop’ that’s really pretty, it says Downtown Disney and it’s a water feature with Mickey.

There was a mom there with her two kids. I stopped and asked if they wanted a group photo, and the Mom was really happy and says sure. So I take the photo, and I’m like, do you guys want to pin trade. They look all confused, and the mom explains that it was their first time ever at Disney World and first time ever at Downtown Disney, and they had never heard of Disney pins or pin trading.

I explained it to her and the little boy starts to get really excited, he’s like ‘Ohhh, I wish I had pins because I love the Club Penguin one!’ He’s just so cute. The mom was like, “Well, we’ll have to get some pins.’ They were so nice. I was on my way back to carts, but I’ll tell you what… I take off the Club Penguin pin and just give it to him and I said “Welcome to Disney, have a great time tonight”.. And the little boy starts jumping up and down and is sooo excited and gives me a hugeee hug! I leaned down to hug him so it was one of those hugs where he pressed his whole cheek to mine… Omg, he was sooo happy! The mom was really happy too, and it was just awesome! 

And, the whole time I’m thinking, ‘What’s Club Penguin??’

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