Labor Day Party at My Work

My Disney water bottle with pin!

My Disney water bottle with pin!

25th Anniversary of EPCOT-Norway Pavilion

25th Anniversary of EPCOT-Norway Pavilion

Labor Day Party at My Work

I walked in to clock-in at 3pm to start my shift (short day: 3:30pm-9:30pm), and the normal cast member lobby where we clock in is super decorated. There are picnic tables, a whole watermelon station, and a huge banquet table with gourmet hot dogs and fluffy lobster-roll style buns, plus all types of different salads. It was so cool – it was a party in honor of Labor Day, and cast members could just grab some stuff to eat for lunch or dinner.

And, there were also two other great surprises! I went into the Manager’s Office, and there were four huge white boxes (the kind that you get if you order a double sheet cake) and inside were these huge fancy cupcakes! Each was at least 5 inches across! The one I got was chocolate peanut butter, with chocolate shavings on top, and there were also strawberry cupcakes.

I put mine in a gift box, labelled it, and put it in the fridge. Caroline and I shared it when I got home.

But the best part was that there was also a special gift, one that we had to secretly ask for. It was a refillable drink cup that says Downtown Disney, and it also had a special pin inside of it! It’s for the 25th Anniversary of Norway at Epcot, and has Goofy dressed as a Viking. I was like, that’s pretty cool, but seemed kind of random since I work at Downtown Disney.

BUT, apparently these are extra special because they were only on sale for 1/2 hour last month before they were pulled off the shelves. That’s because there’s a typo in the pin! The word “Pavilion” is spelled with an extra “L”. It was a limited edition of 750 pins. I’m happy with it. They said if it goes up on ebay, they’ll know it’s us. Haha!


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