Elly’s New Nametag: My Precious!

My secret identity:  Alice!

My secret work identity: Alice!

After my first week of working, I turned in some of my old ones to be cleaned and checked out two new ones. But, I didn’t check the front of my red blouse and I accidentally turned in my shirt with my nametag still attached.

Apparently, it’s impossible to find and return it, since I called laundry and all these other places and no one had seen it. 😦

Last week, I was driving Caroline to costuming at Animal Kingdom and they have a little place where you can order a new one, so nice!

So I did, and they said it’d take 7-10 days to replace and $5 would come out of my next paycheck. (By the way, it took less than 10 minutes to make originally during our orientation day.) I was able to put whatever I wanted on it so, unlike my first one that said, “Elly Colorado State University”, the new one will say: Elly Boulder, CO. I will like that much better.

In the meanwhile, I still have to wear a nametag at work, and the managers give you a “loaner” one. The only options are ‘Chris’ for boys and ‘Alice’ for girls. So, I’ve been “Alice” at work for the past 2+ weeks.

It isn’t so bad, but it really confuses people when they’re doing a rotation or bumping me out for my break, they’re like, where’s this girl “Ariel” on the schedule, I can’t find her anywhere!

And, I’m like, ‘oh that’s me!’ It’s like having a secret identity! 😉

Elly’s New Nametag:  My Precious!

My new name tag has finally come in! 🙂

And a month later, I got my language tag!

And a month later, I got my language tag!

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4 thoughts on “Elly’s New Nametag: My Precious!

  1. JR says:

    Magic Kingdom had a whole bin of them, you could pick. I was Jane from Saratoga, NY for a day (just forgot mine at home). I figured “Jane” sounded like “Jen”, so I might still respond automatically. I made up a whole backstory just in case a Guest asked. I was bummed when nobody did 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marissa Schwandner says:

    Do they make the nametags then and there at orientation?


  3. […] 7.  Dozens and dozens of Disney name tags are accidentally turned in still attached to the costume’s shirt, blouse, or vest every day, 365 days/year!  We have to pay $5 to order a new one and it takes about two weeks to get it. (The first one was free!)  I lost my first name tag just two weeks after starting the program! Getting a new name tag […]


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