Celebrating Oktoberfest at Chatham Square

Last night, we went to the latest DCP Housing event: Celebrating Oktoberfest at Chatham Square – An evening of fun!

Snow White & her Prince were there.

Snow White & her Prince were there.

Celebrating Ockoberfest with Goofy & Daisy.

Celebrating Ockoberfest at Chatham Square

Celebrating Oktoberfest with Goofy & Daisy. 🙂

We went over to Oktoberfest at 8pm and had the BEST time! We danced the night away, great DJ! Didn’t get home until midnight.

Mickey and the gang were there, all in German costumes, lederhosen, etc. The food was so good, and this time there was even enough for seconds! Plenty of sodas too.

BEST party yet!!!!

Come Celebrate German Culture and Storytelling at Oktoberfest

Dear DCP participant,

Big news! Tomorrow night, we’re celebrating the culture and ambience of Germany, at our fall diversity event, Oktoberfest.

Sept. 12, 7:30-11:30 p.m.
Chatham Square field

Immerse yourself in German heritage and storytelling, and be sure to work up an appetite, as we’ll have authentic German dishes for you to savor, like frische roast bratwurst mit broetchen, sauerkraut and apfelstrudel mit vanille sosse.

As the evening unfolds, you’ll also have a chance to meet the fairest princess in all the land, as well as her prince, and a few other beloved Disney characters. To top it all off, crowd favorite, DJ Charles Miles will keep the energy high with an evening dance party.

So, gather up your roommates, and make plans to join us; we’re excited to celebrate with you!

Disney Internships and Programs Events Team

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