Unleashing the Villains at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Unleash the Villians

Unleash the Villains!

Captain Hook

Captain Hook walking around.

Villainy in the Sky fireworks at midnight.

‘Villainy in the Sky’ fireworks at midnight.

Unleashing the Villains at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We missed an amazing fireworks show! 😦

Unleashing the Villains at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
or…Friday the 13th Strikes Again…

If you’ve looked at my Facebook page, you have probably seen all my posts about this month’s Limited Time Magic at Hollywood Studios. On Friday the 13th, the villains would be unleashed and take over for the night. I was so looking forward to meeting the villains, the cool Halloween treats, and special fireworks!

I originally planned on just going by myself, since I only wanted to meet the villains and not ride any of the rides. But, I found out that my CP friend was going too and we agreed to go together! Yay!

I had Friday off, and was cleaning the apartment and just hanging out, so we agreed to leave at 6:30pm. The Villain party was from 8pm to the thirteenth hour (1am). I assumed we’d have plenty of time to park and get in line for characters! It’s normally only a 15 minute drive to Hollywood Studios.

We started heading over to the Park and immediately get stuck in traffic. We tried a couple different routes to get to Hollywood Studios, but the roads were packed! We were literally half a mile away from the Park entrance, but nothing was moving!

We sat in traffic for three hours. Not even joking. We wanted to park at one of the resorts and walk, but as we got closer, we realized everyone else had that idea as well! By then, I heard the Studios parking lot was at capacity and they were just turning people away.

At 9:30pm, we decided to make the best of things and just leave. We headed over to Animal Kingdom Lodge for a fancy drink to end the night.

We got to the Jambo House and parked. I told my friend to grab her special Halloween ears so I could take a picture of her. After we got out of the car, she realized that she locked her keys in the car! 😦

We walked into the Main Lodge and called AAA and waited. We ordered some food at the restaurant located by the pool, and the AAA guy came in half an hour.

I was waiting for her and slowly eating my pizza. I went to fill up my water and when I turned around, my dinner tray was gone! I know, for a fact, that I still had a least two slices of pizza left. I went up to the cast member and asked where it was and he snapped “it was empty.” I told him that I knew I had two more slices and he just angrily said “no, there wasn’t.” Then he just walked away!

I was pretty upset after everything and there was a moment when I considered talking to this guy’s manager about him snapping at me and for throwing away my food! I could understand if it was 5pm and there was a line of people waiting for seats, but it was 11pm and no one was there and my tray was sitting next to my friend’s tray of completely untouched food!

My friend came back in and was so apologetic and asked to buy me a drink to make up for our night being ruined, but I was over it and just wanted to go to bed.

It just goes to show you that Friday the 13th will always go badly and you just can’t fight it! 😦

Disney Villains Appeared at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as Part of ‘Limited Time Magic’ for a Special Friday the 13th Celebration:

The special event of the nighttime mischief featured a plethora of Disney villains out to greet guests, including Pain and Panic (“Hercules”), Maleficent (“Sleeping Beauty”), Captain Hook (“Peter Pan”), Cruella De Vil (“101 Dalmatians”), Jafar (“Aladdin”) and Big Bad Wolf (“The Three Little Pigs”), among others.

To celebrate the imminent arrival of the midnight witching hour, “Villainy in the Sky” set the sky ablaze with spectacular fireworks, and kept the party going until the 13th hour.

Hades’ Hangout, “the hottest club north of the Underworld,” rocked where a DJ, dancers and a house band provided live entertainment for the whole evening.

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