Stuffed Animals at WDW

Baby giraffe with blanket.  Look at those eyes!

Baby giraffe with blanket. Look at those eyes!

Baby Dumbo with blanket.

Baby Dumbo with blanket.

Stuffed Animals at WDW

Cute Story at Team Mickey

Working at Team Mickey, we basically sell sports tee-shirts and golf shirts. You see a lot of families come in and walk around because Team Mickey is the next big store on the walkway next to Ghirardelli chocolates.

This weekend, I was the “Merchan-tainer” there, meaning I’m not assigned to a register, I just walk around and talk to people and pin trade. I also wear a huge sash with all the different buttons like “I’m Celebrating” or “Happy Birthday”, and I hand those out as much as I can.

A family came in with a little girl and I see that she has one of those stuffed animals that Caroline sells when she works at “Creature Comfort” at Animal Kingdom. They are pretty cute because there’s like 20 different ones, all baby versions of the Disney characters with a blanket attached to it so it doesn’t get lost. I say to the little girl, “Oh, do you have a baby stuffed animal there?” and she’s like, “Yeah, it’s a giraffe”. And, she shows me it all cuddled in her arms, and then takes out one of those ‘Magic Bottles’ for dolls, where the milk disappears when it’s tipped, and starts feeding it. It was so cute! Obviously, she had been to Animal Kingdom earlier that day and gotten one at Caroline’s store, and then brought it with her when she came to Downtown Disney.

In a related note, something funny happened the other day. Caroline and I were walking around World of Disney at Downtown Disney before one of my shifts and we were in the “Princess Room” where they have a lot of the those baby stuffed animals I was talking about. We were just walking by them, and Caroline stops and says, “Hey,
these aren’t folded right!”, and proceeds to re-wrap the blanket that comes with the stuffed animal the ‘correct’ tight way around it. I thought that was funny because Caroline was “taking pride in her work”, even tho she wasn’t working! LOL

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