Working When It Rains

Working When It Rains

While it’s been pouring rain in Colorado, it has been dry, dry, dry here in FL this past week. We’ll go 5-6 days with nothing, just some white, puffy clouds, no breeze, 94 degrees, and then finally we’ll get a good afternoon thunderstorm. I know it’s been raining in other parts of the state, but not here at Disney World. Today is probably our first day where it’s been cloudy and rainy all day, with thunderstorms bringing loud thunder and lightning. Of course, it’s my one day off! But, at least I can appreciate it from the couch.

Caroline is working today and should be happy because we close carts when we hear thunder or see lightning, and we’re supposed to have them all closed up before it starts raining to protect the merchandise from getting wet.

But, that doesn’t always happen, usually there isn’t too much lightening so the managers hold off closing the carts as long as possible. Then, we’ll finally get a call and a manager will say, “Oh, it’s pouring out there, I guess you should close carts….”

It’s fun then because then we “task” inside, meaning we’ll get little assignments at 20-minute intervals to do things like: “Greet guests and dust all fixtures” or “Straighten and organize all clothing racks”. That’s fun and time flies, but you have to go back and forth to the computer a lot, and then when the rain ends, they’ll send back out to the cart to reopen it. But, I don’t think Caroline will have to worry about that today! Lots of rain, all day!

A lot of guests have noticed that I’m from Boulder, Colorado (from my name tag) and said they’ve heard about the flooding on the news. I haven’t met any guests from Colorado yet, and I don’t work with anyone from there either. Mostly the guests are people from Brazil and the UK, and retired people living here coming in for the pin trading at EPCOT over the weekend.

My manager knows my name is Ariel, even tho my name tag says Elly. I work with an Eric and he says that he likes when he sees the weekly schedule and Eric and Ariel are working the same shift. (From the “Little Mermaid” you know…)

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