Working Carts at Downtown Disney


Working Glow Carts at Downtown Disney!

Downtown Disney is a great place to work. I don’t remember going to Downtown Disney when we’ve been to WDW before, but I love going to Downtown Disney when we’re in CA at Disneyland.

In California, Downtown Disney is a great place to pin trade and you can get pretzels and even make a build-a-bear there! The one in Orlando is just the same, except it’s twice as big. It takes more than 40 minutes to walk from one side to the other along the waterfront with no people traffic, and it takes even longer when it’s full of people walking s-l-o-w-l-y.

On the bridge looking across the Seven Seas Lagoon.

My work view:  On the bridge looking across the Seven Seas Lagoon.

The picture above is my view when working the Bridge Cart location which sells drinks, hats, sunglasses, and iPhone cases. It’s not very fun working the cart during the day; it’s very slow and very hot.

But, at night it’s super fun. I get to watch the volcano at the Rainforest Cafe erupt every half hour and I give directions to guests. You talk to people all the time when you’re working the carts at night, and that makes time go really fast.

Rainforest Cafe volcano smoking during the day.

Rainforest Cafe volcano smoking during the day.

Right next to the Rainforest Café, under the volcano, is the Lava Lounge, which is a bar that sits on the waterfront. Caroline says that it’s very good. There’s a little pontoon boat that’s free to ride on, and it can take you from one end of Downtown Disney to the other. I always try to recommend it to guests as much as possible because it’s a cool view of Downtown Disney and not a lot of people know about it. [I am currently collecting the pontoon boat pin set and only have one more to go to complete the set of eight.]

Working Carts at Downtown Disney

Working at night.  DTD stays open most nights until 2AM!

What a lot of people also don’t realize is that Downtown Disney is in the process of a huge make-over. Right now there are 75 stores, and when the expansion is done there should be 120 stores and two additional parking garages. That’s really good news because right now parking is a mess! There’s never anywhere for the guests to park close in, so they have to park across the street at Disney Casting and Team Disney. It really confuses them and parking there ends up being a pretty long walk to the shops. Employees used to be able to park there, but now we have to park even farther away, at least a 20-25 minute walk into work each day.


Current Downtown Disney logo

ds logo (2)

New Disney Springs logo.

In September 2015, the Downtown Disney are will be called the new Disney Springs, and it will have more water features and a big bridge that will connect one side to the other. It will be completed in three years, 2016. Hopefully by then, Pin Traders will have some AC! That store is hot to work in in the afternoons!

Disney Springs

The new Disney Springs Marketplace, West Side.  Opening Sept 2015.



Two Disney sisters.

Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

   by Elly Collins & Caroline Collins

Ever wonder what it’s like to work for Disney???

We worked at WDW for a year in the Disney College Program and have written a book about what it’s like to be a cast member working for Disney.

We’ve included advice on how to successfully get into the DCP program, including some of the actual phone interview questions, how to have a successful internship, and how not self-term before your program ends. Our book is filled with lots of behind-the-scene stories of the magic of Disney. Available now at in paperback and Kindle formats. Published by Theme Park Press.

Book link on  Two Girls and a Mouse Tale


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