Apartment Inspections

Apartment Inspections

One part of the DCP living experience is monthly apartment inspections. We are told about the monthly apartment inspections when we sign the lease. For the inspections, the housing staff sends two employees to check out your apartment and make sure that you’re keeping it clean, as well as not hiding any items not allowed in the apartments (candles, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol [if underage]). You can either Pass, Fail, or earn the “White Glove” award.

If you Pass, nothing happens and you will be inspected again the following month. If you Fail, you have to pay a fee ($25/roommate) and the housing team returns in 72 hours to check to see that the problems have been fixed. If not remedied, the fine goes up and they return again and you get a demerit. You can also earn the ‘White Glove’ award if your apartment is 100% spotless. You get a merit and special treats for everyone for that award!

They put notices up at the guardhouse which buildings will be inspected next, so it’s not a surprise inspection by any means. You’re given plenty of notice which week your apartment will be inspected, just not which day.

In this apartment, the only ones who check out the vacuum are roommate #5 (me) and roommate #6 (Caroline). We are also the only ones to empty the dishwasher, load the dishwasher, wipe down countertops, clean the kitchen floor, take out the trash/recycling,etc. Our bedroom/bathroom is White Glove clean. 🙂

I worked until 12:30AM last night and didn’t get to sleep until after 2AM. At 11:30am, there was a pounding on the apartment door. Roommate #1, in bedroom #1 closest to the door, refused to leave her bedroom and answer the door. Roommate #4 also refused to answer the door. Roommate #5 (me) was sound asleep, and roommate #6 (Caroline) was in the shower, getting ready to go to work. Naturally, roommate #5 had to answer the door!

I then had to escort the two housing inspectors around the apartment as they opened every drawer, looked in the fridge, the microwave, the pantry, and the oven. Roommate #6 was drying her shoes overnight in the oven and the inspector was HORRIFIED to find shoes in the oven and had NEVER heard of such a thing. Thankfully, the oven wasn’t on (then)!!

Roommate #2 had left pears in Walmart bags in the pantry to literally rot and explode, and then drip stinky juices down over everyone’s food and paper supplies. Just that morning, roommate #6 had cleaned up that mess, taken out the smelly trash, and wiped up spilled soup on the stove from the night before.

The inspectors also inspected each bedroom, but neither roommate #1 nor roommate #4 would walk around the apartment with them after their bedrooms were inspected. I had to watch her inspecting everything and making snide remarks about some of the lack of cleaning, even though my bedroom was perfectly cleaned. They couldn’t inspect my bathroom because of Caroline showering, so we got 0’s for that, but it didn’t count.

My advice to pass the inspection is to simply make sure that the apartment is clean. Vacuum all the floors, clean all the appliances and counters, wash mirrors, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, etc. Also, make sure your garbage and recycling bins have nothing in them. Do all of these things and you’ll definitely pass!

I would like to earn the “White Glove” award, but with so many roommates who all have different work schedules, that’s not going to happen. 😦

You do the dusting, and I'll do the mopping...

You do the dusting, and I’ll do the mopping…

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