Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival!

We just got back from going to the Food and Wine festival at EPCOT!  It was a “soft opening” and a cast member only preview!  Woo!
We got out of class today and were trying to decide if we should go to the Magic Kingdom to watch the fireworks (I still haven’t seen them lol) or EPCOT because some of our classmates were talking about how it was just open tonight from 2-8pm for cast members only and there weren’t going to be that many people there.  I hadn’t even heard about the special opening until today!

I didn’t really know much about Food and Wine, and I’m not that into wine so I wasn’t sure if I would like it. But we decided that since we are going to be at Magic Kingdom all day tomorrow for our Not So Scary party, we should go for EPCOT!


We headed over at 6pm and immediately hit up the stations.  All around the World Pavilion are stations from a bunch of countries (30).  Each country has 4 to 5 food options and 6 to 8 alcohol options!  Everything is between $2 and $6 per item.  It’s really cool because you get a passport at the beginning and each country you go to will stamp it for you!

Our first stop was Argentina.  We shared a beef empanada.  It was really good!  Then, we went to Australia and got a pavlova.  It was crispy meringue shell with fresh Driscoll’s berries and vanilla custard. Yum!


Mexico was next, and we got a taco de rib-eye with salsa de chipotle.  I also ordered a sangria to drink.  The taco was good, but a little spicy, and I thought the sangria was just ok.  I realized that I’m used to Aunt Laura’s REALLY yummy sangria that is cut half red/half white white, plus ginger ale.  I thought this one was just too much red wine for me. Lol

Bottom’s up!

We heard about these really cool tiny giftcards that are an inch big and on a little bracelet that you can use for Food and Wine. They’re really nice because you don’t have to keep getting out your wallet and it helped you moved faster through the stations!  So we stopped at Mexico and both put $30 on each card! 🙂


Then we skipped most of Asia (Singapore, China, South Korea).

The next station we stopped at was Germany.  We wanted all of it!  We ended up getting a roast bratwurst in a pretzel roll and an apple strudel with Werther’s Original Karamel and vanilla sauce.  They were out of the Schinkennudeln (pasta gratin with ham and cheese) by the time we got there at 7pm. It was pretty good! The brat was embarrassingly long for the tiny bun, but it was served with mustard and we both liked it.


We skipped Poland and went to Italy.  It all looked so good!  They had baked cheese ravioli with creamy beef Bolognese sauce, Parmesan, and mozzarella, sweet Italian sausage with peepers and onions on ciabatta bread, and also a chocolate covered cannoli filled with sweet ricotta and chocolate!  Yum!!  They were out of the first two already, so we just shared a cannoli! It was so good!

We stopped at Norway and rode the cool ride there.  I think it smells so good in there and I realized today that it’s because they sell this cool perfume there!  I sprayed myself with it so I smelled great the rest of the day! Haha (hint hint for Christmas!).  I had a great conversation with a nice girl (intern) that works there!  She is doing the international college program. She signed my autograph book in Norwegian and I took a picture with her!  🙂


Next up, we went to the Florida Local stand.  It was our top two favorite!!  We ordered Florida grass-fed beef sliders with Monterey Jack! Omg, the most delicious slider EVER!  Elly and I got one each and we had to sit down and savor it because it was too good!  We def want to go back again just for the burger!!


Japan was next and we were on the fence about getting anything.  By then, we were starting to feel super filled we still were only at Station 17 out of 30!  We ended up getting a California Roll and it was awesome! For $4, you get three rolls with soy sauce and chop sticks! Yum!

By then, it was 8pm, and the Food and Wine was only supposed to be 2-8pm and we still wanted to go to Belgium!  We saw that some of the stations were already closed!  So, we hurried to Belgium and kind of cut through the line and literally got the last Belgium waffle with warm chocolate ganache and whipped cream! Omgggg you have no idea how much we loved it!  Top two favorite!  We were so sad that we only got one to share, but by the time we walked from the line, the station was closed!  Thank god we got one though, so good!

We skipped France because I’m not into creme brûlée, and we were on a mission to get the Dole Whip and Rum drink!  We got to the Refreshment Port and got Dole pineapple fritters, fried shrimp with Dole pineapple sweet and sour sauce, and my orange Dole Whip with creme de cacao white (vanilla flavored alcohol).  It was great, the vanilla made it taste like a orange dreamsickle!


By then, it was 9pm on the penny, and I was legit gonna throw up if I ate one more thing.  We skipped out on the rest because it was all closed down and went to the Nemo ride to relax.  Haha.

We came out, did a little shopping and then left because it was after 10pm and the park was all the way closed. Haha.

Food and Wine was AMAZING!!!  I’m so glad I convinced Elly to go tonight because it was incredible!  The food was so good and we had a blast!  It worked out so well sharing everything with Elly!  All the food was pretty good priced and it was even better to split it because then we could eat more! Haha. We switched off paying with our giftcards and it was just really nice and convienent!  Elly and I want to go back and hit up the good stations again!  Great day!!! 🙂

Eating Around the World!

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