Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!


Heading into the party!



In front of the castle!

What a busy “weekend”!  We bought tickets for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party using our cast member discount ($44 instead of $77).  We were so tired from walking around Epcot all night the day before that we didn’t get out of the house until 3pm! We parked at the Polynesian so that we could ride the monorail over to the Magic Kingdom, but the monorail was broken!  We had to wait for the boat to come and take us…it took forever!


We got there and immediately got a locker to store our costumes for free with our cast member ID!  Then to kill time until 7pm, we checked out the new Fantasyland ‘princess meet and greet’.  We chose Rapunzul and Snow White, and they were perfect!  We loved Snow White’s voice, it was just like the movie!  And, they liked my special Halloween ears!


Then we walked over to the Peter Pan ride and saw that Captian Hook was out!  So we jumped in line and were the last people to meet him before he had to leave!  So cool!


We decided to walk back to Main Street to get some dinner at Casey’s Corner.  I got the mini corn dogs and Elly got the hot dog meal.  So good!  I definitely recommend going there for something quick!


We changed into our costumes and Elly immediately started getting recognized.  I don’t know why, must have something to do with her foot tall crown…? Haha. But people were constantly going up to her and saying how much they loved her costume and getting pictures of her!  Too bad she didn’t brush up on the movies before wearing the costume because people kept making movie references and she had noo idea. haha.


We pin traded with a manager who told us to wait in this tiny area because a villain would be coming out soon.  So we waited all by ourselves and the photo pass girl for 10 minutes until Jafar came out!  It was incredible!  He was so funny, lots of jerky movements.


Then we heard Lotso from Toy Story 3 was also there!  So we walked over and there was no line.  I immediately walked up and he gave me a big hug! So cute!!!  I forgot to smell him to see if he smelled like strawberries though.  He must get lots of hugs the entire night! Haha


The evil stepsisters and Lady Tremene were also walking around so we stalked them until there wasn’t a line.  I had a great conversation with them about how I loved their dresses and how we were definitely the fairest in the land. Haha. They were hilarious!


We heard that the parade was delayed because there was a huge thinderstorm so we walked back to the Fantasyland princess meet and greet because we heard that the princes would also be out.  But, the line was 50 minutes!  So we went and walked right onto the Winnie the Pooh ride instead.  We got to see Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore all in their costumes!  So cute!

We saw this huge line and realized all seven dwarves were out!!  We waited in line for 45 minutes to meet them!  It was incredible!  They were sitting next to all these glitter jewels.  I loved it!


We went to Main Street to watch the castle show and we ended up getting permission to stand in a photo area so no one was around or in front of us! Such a good view!

We got up close to the castle to see the Halloween fireworks. All orange, green, and purple and really great music!  My fav so far!


Next was the Villain dance party at the castle!  All the villains came out and danced and then were supposed to come down the castle ramps for some photos.  It was delayed for an hour because of the rain.  They literally had 15 people on their hands and knees wiping rain water off the stage.  When they did come on stage and dance, it was amazing!  I love Professor Facilitate!  He is such a good dancer!  Haha

Because everything was so delayed, they didn’t come down for photos because they had to be in the parade, which also had been delayed an hour.  We were so hungry by then (11pm!) that we walked farther down Main Street and got Halloween cupcakes at the bakery!  Yum!  We had great seats to see the Boo To You parade!  It was so cool!  I love villains! 🙂


Everything was so delayed that it was midnight when it was all done so we just cut across the street and got in line to buy some pins.  We got the last Halloween Night pin set in the whole store!  It was so cool, 5 pins plus and extra cool one for $85.  So worth it!

We were so tired by then, we immediately walked to the monorail.  We got all the way there, and were waiting and then Elly remembered that we completely forgot to go to our locker!  Dang it!   So we walked all the way back in and got our bags checked again, scanned our tickets, and walked to our locker, ughhhh.

We finally got all our stuff and got on the monorail and headed home.  Got home at 1:30am, soooo tired.  Elly was bouncing off the walls though since she normally gets off at this time.   It’ll be rough for me to work tomorrow though!


Amazing night!


Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

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2 thoughts on “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!

  1. viwashere says:

    I love Disney and everything that is, well, Disney.
    I have always wanted to visit Disneyworld or Disneyland during Halloween (it being my favorite holiday), so this was a great read. Thank you for sharing!

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