Passing My Disney French Test: Parlez-vous français?


I got my new language tag!

I passed my oral Disney French test for conversational fluency, so now I get a special name tag that says “Français” on the bottom! Whooo hoooo!

There’s no charge for the new name tag and it should be at my work in about two weeks.

All those high school and college French classes really paid off! (No, you don’t get a pay premium for speaking a second – or third – language!)

I’m still celebrating!!!  Here are some of the nice comments that friends posted to my facebook wall:

  • Bien fait, Elly. J’espere que tu aurais profiter!
  • Félicitations Elly! C’est bon!
  • Awesome! Or should I say, manifique!
  • Just one more feather in your cap towards a great future with Disney! Congratulations, you deserve it!
  • All that time in France & Quebec has paid off for you!   Good job!   🙂

If you can speak another language, you should definitely try and get your language tag!


I’m Celebrating:  Passing my oral French test with flying colors!  🙂



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5 thoughts on “Passing My Disney French Test: Parlez-vous français?

  1. Ricky says:

    Hey do you still remember what questions they asked you for French testing? coz I am gonna take this soon. so appreciate


  2. It was simple…maybe on the 7th grade French level (I minored in French at CU-Boulder).
    They were all about understanding and giving directions to the restrooms, nearest restaurant, is there a parade today, where is the exit, very simple questions, not hard at all, similar to what guests would actually ask in the parks. Good luck!!


    • Ricky says:



    • Ricky says:

      so like during your real work,what kind of questions do French people they like to ask?


      • It’s pretty funny, Elly took the language test and almost never got to speak French. The only time she was called to translate was at Stroller rental. The CM just needed help translating that the fee is $15 with a $100 deposit which you get back when you return the stroller. The French person didn’t understand the $100 part.

        I never took the test, but talked in French multiple times a week! There are tons of French Canadian guests. You can always tell because they start with “Bonjour?” or “Salut?” and if you say it back, they immediately start talking in French. haha

        Some examples I can think of:
        Once I was asked where and where the parade was. So I had to explain the only parade was in Magic Kingdom, but it was too late, so to go watch the Electrical Water Pageant instead. And then location/time of that.
        Once I was asked where they could find an Eeyore shirt (that was hard!)
        Once they asked where they could find a Pocahontas costume in a specific size.

        Mostly they just want to know how much something costs and help with numbers (change, gift cards, etc)

        Oh! And I had to be able to explain what pin trading is! haha

        If you work with guests, you’ll eventually end up learning bathroom, water, left, right, Mickey, how much, exit/entrance/front, in Spanish AND Portuguese! 🙂


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