Adventures at Typhoon Lagoon!

Perfect day in Florida!

Perfect day in Florida!


I finally convinced Elly that we should go to a water park on one of our days off.  She has very strict requirements to go out to any of the Parks or do things.  It has to be cloudy or nighttime, and have lots of available water. Haha, well that’s been difficult because Florida is tropical, hot & sunny!

The plan was to get out of the apartment at 11am and just spend a couple hours there.  But, typical Elly timing, we didn’t leave until almost 1pm.

Our parents have taken us to both water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, but I really have no memory of them.  I was so excited!


First thing we did when we got there was head to the Shark Reef.  It’s this cool salt water pool that has sharks, sting rays, and tropical fish, and you can snorkel around it in!  And it’s free!  Elly really wanted to do it, but I was a little leery.

We put our stuff down and got into the lazy river which circles around the entire park.  OMG, that water was COLD!  But it was so fun! There are just tons of empty tubes floating along in the river so it was easy to grab one and go.  The lazy river takes you through the misty Amazon, a shipwreck, and a waterfall. Very cool!

After we went all the way around, we got out and went to the Shark Reef again.  I was too scared so Elly went by herself and I took pictures for her.  I didn’t want to go in because I heard the water was freezing and I was already cold from the lazy river water!


She floated across and got out, saying that it was amazing and that I had to do it!  But, I held off and we went and got some food instead.  We both got the kids hot dogs with a side of fries and applesauce.  We always try to order off the kids menu because it is cheaper and you get more to eat!

The hotdog was really good, but the applesauce was so gross!  You know the sliced apples they serve, the ones that are all watery and flavorless?  Well it was just those gross apples mashed up.  No flavor, no sugar, nothing! Yuck!  Disney is way too “healthy”!

Then, we walked over to the wave pool.  The wave pool is huge!  We first walked over to the kiddie pool area because that’s more my speed. Haha. Every half hour a huge tidal wave comes by and it’s crazy!  People will go to the deep end and swim along with it. Yikes!  We stayed for the tidal wave in about 3 feet of water. haha


Then we walked back to the Shark Reef because I was feeling brave!  We got our complimentary diving mask and snorkel and got in line. You start out on a rocky ledge and you have to try floating in the water in front of a lifeguard before you swim past the drop off.  The drop off is almost 20 feet down and you just slowly float along the surface of the water all the way across the pool.
It was a little scary because it was so deep but I am a good swimmer, so I wasn’t too nervous.



I had the best time!  I got to see several sharks, a couple stingrays, and a school of five fish that looked like Dory from “Finding Nemo” swam within 3 feet of me!

After that, Elly was feeling particularly brave, and she convinced me to ride one of the water rides.  We walked up this huge staircase to do the Mayday Slide.  It’s a highspeed, 5 story drop! Sooo scary!  We had to wait a little to go and so I talked to all the little kids in line.  They said it’s just a 5 second ride and that it was so fun.   I should know never to listen to little kids!!


OMG, this ride was way too scary!  You’re basically vertical, flying down this completely dark slide!  They have you cross your arms and ankles and I can see why!  😦

After I was able to peel my eyes open again, I had to check to make sure everything was still where it was supposed to be because when we came to the bottom of the ride, I literally almost lost my swimsuit bottom. Like seriously.

Elly and I agreed “no more water rides”!!  Anything labeled “high speed adventure” is not for us! Haha


In front of Mayday!

To calm our nerves, we got back in the lazy river and rode it all the way around and relaxed again.  To top off our day, we got a funnel cake to go. 🙂


In front of Tidal Wave pool with the 'Miss Tilly' shimp boat up high.

In front of Tidal Wave pool with the ‘Miss Tilly’ shimp boat up high.


The weather was so perfect, high 80s with some clouds.  And, because it is October, no one wants to go to the water park, so it was basically empty except for a few Europeans.  I can deal with some tiny male speedos if that means no lines! Haha

We definitely had a blast today!  I wish we had been doing this more because it is a lot more relaxing than spending the day walking around the Parks!  I can’t wait to come back on my next day off!   🙂

Typhoon Lagoon map showing Lazy River.

Typhoon Lagoon map showing Lazy River.

lagoon (2)
sharf reef (2)
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