Hidden Treasures Under Your Feet

Hidden Treasures Under Your Feet

In Adventureland, you can find broken tiles, gems, and coins scattered in the concrete pavement all around The Flying Carpets of Aladdin. While I was working at Agrabah Bazaar this weekend, I pointed out some interesting pieces to guests.

There’s actually a lot of jewelry pressed into the pavement, like long necklaces and the earring above with a hidden Mickey. The closer you get to the Aladdin and Jasmine ‘Meet & Greet’ area, the more jewelry is scattered on the ground.

More about all the different colored pavements at the Magic Kingdom:

Disney uses sidewalks as part of their storytelling. In Adventureland, you will find jewelry embedded in the ground, hoof prints from the ghostly horse pulling the hearse in front of the Haunted Mansion along with the Bride’s wedding ring embedded not too far away, and even a yellow/brownish gravel path through main walkway of Frontierland, representing the “urine trough” created by the horse-drawn carriages of colonial times. When waiting in line for Dumbo, you’ll see peanut shells embedded in the sidewalk, animal prints walking through Storybook Circus, and seashells in the pavement on your way to the Little Mermaid.

Even the red brick you see when you enter Main Street has a purpose. Walt wanted guests to feel that he had rolled out the ‘red carpet’ for their arrival. So next time you visit the Magic Kingdom, slow down and take a look around, and see how many hidden treasures you can find. Many guests miss what is right under their noses, er, feet!

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