Discovery Island Walking League

Discovery Island Walking League

Discovery Island Walking League starting out at Wilderness Lodge.

After work last week, my friends and I met up at the Wilderness Lodge for an evening hike from the Lodge to the Polynesian Resort. It’s about a 4 mile hike. Along the way, we startled some white tail deer. We should have bought flashlights!

Wilderness Lodge

Wilderness Lodge

[Disney does not recommend this walk as it is unsafe, especially at night. The back roads of WDW are unmarked and poorly illuminated. The hiking/biking trails are narrow, uneven terrain with no lighting at all. There are many, large dangerous wildlife animals on the 28,000 acre WDW property, including alligators, many of which can be aggressive when startled or hunting at night. Disney recommends using the ferry or Disney bus transportation system to go from Wilderness to the Polynesian.]

Made it to the Polynesian.

Made it to the Polynesian.

Hiking reward!

Hiking reward!

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