Basics Walk with My Manager!

Dinoland entrance.

Dinoland entrance.

One of my managers, David, has been going on Basics walks with Cast Members recently. It sounded super fun, so I asked to go on one with him!  He hasn’t been able to until today and I was so excited!

Everyone who has gone on one normally goes to Dinoland U.S.A. because it’s the farthest away so I was expecting that walk.  Instead, David took me to explore the Adventurers’ Outpost!  Neither of us have been so he took me on the VIP tour of it!
Mickey and Minnie used to be at Camp Minnie Mickey, but that is closing for the new Avatarland.  You can now find them at Adventurers Outpost in the blue building right in front of the bridge to Asia!
We went in through the FastPass+ line and we talked to the cast member working in the control room.  She showed us the ins and outs of working there and the procedures in place to keep it running and make it the most magical experience for guests!  Very cool!
Then, I got to go into the room where you can meet Mickey and Minnie and check it out!  So exciting! I made David take my photo. Haha
Then, we walked outside and went over the Four Keys of Disney: safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency and how Cast Members apply these keys toward making the guest’s experiences the best it could be!
I talked about how I am applying to extend my program until May and that I really want to come back as a seasonal Cast Member since it’d work perfect with my teacher holidays.  I hope he’ll put in a good word for me with the higher ups! Lol
I told him about how I haven’t been to Dinoland in years so, even though we have been on this walk for a while, he was kind enough to let me do a quick walk around and told me all about the theming of the area.  It really made me want to come back as a guest and experience it myself!  (Something I haven’t done yet since it’s hard to get over here on my days off!). It’s on my To-Do list!

The one thing I realized working in a different location (when I worked with Elly at TrenD) was how much I appreciate my managers and leaders!  They are actually present on the floor and I feel like I can go to any of them if I have a problem.  It definitely makes it a pleasant work environment and I know that I really lucked out with my role and location!

The main reason I want to extend is so that I can continue working and having fun here at Disney!  🙂


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