Talking to the Boss

Talking to the Boss

At my work, there are a lot of “Leaders”, which means there’s a lot of supervisors. The people right above me are called Coordinators, and they coordinate where everyone should be and who is taking their breaks and when. Then there’s the Managers and they watch over everything in our store and lead the daily meetings. Above them is the Area Manager who runs our whole zone, which is all the stores in the rotation that I could work (Zone 1 Downtown Disney).

The other day I was feeling particularly brave, and I noticed the Area Manager’s office door was open. He only works normal daytime hours, so I’ve only seen/met him once or twice. I ducked my head in and say hi, and he knows exactly who I am and invites me in to sit down and chat. He knew all the things that I’ve been doing good at lately, like Paper Sorting at the end of the night and all the money handling I’ve been recently trained in. He was the nicest guy! I sat and talked with him in his office for about 45 minutes and he was asking me all these things, like what I thought about this process we do at work, or this new rule, etc. It was great!

I mentioned Caroline and how she’s doing the program too with me, and how she’s gotten about 15 of these special cards called “Four Keys Cards”. You get those from the managers directly when you’re doing really well or do something extra special like help a guest in a special way, and they get entered on your permanent record. I mentioned that Caroline has so many and he says, ‘Well, I’m sure you have just as many’, and I just laughed and I was said, no I only have one so far. He thought that was a great “note” to give him because he was just thinking to tell the mangers to recognize the staff more. I think that says a lot about how Caroline’s managers are so involved and how nice they are, and that they notice when she does good things at work.

He gave me his card and said for me to email him or come talk to him about anything that’s going on, like new rules and stuff, because he really wanted to know a “good CP’s opinion”. I’m called a CP meaning College Program. That felt good.

He also really wanted to know what I’ve been doing to “stay with Disney”. He wants me to do a Professional Internship or to stay for another cycle, meaning doing an extension. He said he was going to “email some people” and “get my name out there”. It was a great feeling to know that I’ve been talked about among the Managers and that the Area Manager knew a lot about me, and how he wants me to stay, and that he values my opinion.

A good way to start off my workday. 🙂

Front of Four Keys card.

Front of Four Keys card.

Four Keys card from my manager.

Four Keys card from my manager.

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