2013 Gingerbread House at Grand Floridian

Gingerbread House at Grand Floridian

In front of the beautiful Victorian Gingerbread House

They put up the Grand Floridian Gingerbread House while we were staying there. It’s so beautiful! The Gingerbread House is surrounded by red poinsettia and greenery. There are Hidden Mickey’s in the shingles.

Hidden Mickey!

Hidden Mickey!

The chefs make extra gingerbread shingles and dip them in dark chocolate. You can buy them in the gift shop.

Here’s a video of the final dusting by Executive Pastry Chef Erich Herbitschek:

The dusting of the gingerbread house takes 10-15 minutes. The chef squirts down the gingerbread with sugar water, and then sifts powdered sugar onto the house.

The Grand Floridian Gingerbread House is celebrating its 15th year! The 2013 ingredients include 1,050 pounds of honey, 600 pounds of powdered sugar, 800 pounds of flour, and 140 pints of egg whites! The Gingerbread House stands 16 feet tall.

Gingerbread House activities for the week.

Gingerbread House activities for the week:  15th Anniversary

Some assembly required...

Some assembly required…

16 Feet Tall!

16 Feet Tall!

Visiting the finished Gingerbread House.

Caroline visiting the finished Gingerbread House.


This is amazing and smells sooo good! 🙂


2013 pin release

2013 pin release for 15th Anniversary celebration

The details:
After 400 hours of baking, the chefs spent 160 hours decorating the house. This unique 80 square feet of retail space is 16 feet high by 17 feet wide and constructed with 1,000 board feet of trim, 60 sheets of plywood, 40 window panes, 100 square feet of display, and 10,000 pieces of gingerbread used.

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