Scavenger Hunt at Magic Kingdom

Two of my managers created a Discovery Island scavenger hunt at night for us to do!  We have been crazy busy at work because everyone is here at WDW on vacation!  I have never worked so hard in my life.  We normally work between 30-35 hours a week, but everyone was scheduled 6-7 days straight, and we all were working over 40 hours.  Both Elly and I were scheduled 45 hours this week. Ugh!
As a way to de-stress, we all got off work at 10pm and headed over to Magic Kingdom.  We were in groups of 4.  I had the BEST group: Becca, Holly, and Abigail!  Our group name was BAH Humbug.
We made these cool shirts to wear for the event!
Every group was given a packet of questions.  We figured out where to meet up at the end by filling in the answers.
Some of the questions were:

“What is the name of the trail boss of Frontierland?”
“What is the population of Main Street?”
“What is the name of the fountain in Adventureland?”
And then there were tasks like:
“Take of a picture of three Hidden Mickeys”
“Take a group photo in front of the Castle”
It was so fun because we had such a great group!  But, seriously, I can’t believe how unhelpful the Magic Cast Members were!!!  Seriously, none of them knew anything.  It was so pathetic that when people went out of their way to figure out the answer for us, we stopped and gave them special Fanatic cards to thank them!   🙂
We ended up coming in last place. 😦
But we had great memories from it.  I’m glad I went, even though it was so late, because I got to do it with such great friends!
CP Moment Scavenger Hunts

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