New Job!

New Job!

It’s official: I now have an email address for my new Disney job! 🙂

I had three job offers from Disney this month. The first offer was to continue in my DTD merchandising role as a CP intern for the spring semester. The second offer was a Disney Professional Internship at Disney University doing a job very similar to what I did as a teaching assistant at CSU during my master’s program. (Helping CP interns with their resumes, cover letters, setting up classrooms for lectures, etc.)

And, the third offer was for a Professional Internship to be a DTD Merchandise Coordinator. I accepted this one. I’ll be supervising the spring CP interns, handling the closing paperwork and money, etc. I get to wear a radio and earpiece.

I started training for my new job this week. On my very first day training as a coordinator (new costume, by the way), we got a ‘Code Alpha’ at Ghirardelli’s Chocolates at DTD and I had to respond ASAP. A little boy had somehow fallen off his chair and scraped his entire back (ouch!). Paramedics were there because anytime you fall backwards like that to the floor, you worry about head injuries and concussions.

My manager told me to go ‘make some magic’ for him, so I went to Once Upon a Toy and got him an 18” plush Mickey and brought it back. The paramedics put a band-aide on Mickey’s back before giving it to him. It was really cute and the little boy cheered right up.

Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Ice Cream Shop

Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Ice Cream Shop

My first night as an official merchandise coordinator is on Christmas Eve, working until 12:45AM!  😦


2 thoughts on “New Job!

  1. Peter Brand says:

    Elly! Congratulations girl!!! I hope you got anice pay grade increase too!!! Send pics of the new uniform when u can. We leave Sunday morning to tampa to fly home. All snow will be gone by then….sad..I wanted a white xmas…oh well…..have a magical day!..hugs..aunt B


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