Caroline’s 22nd Birthday!!!

I just celebrated the most amazing birthday!  I turned 22 on February 18th and it was awesome!  For anyone who knows me, they know that I like to celebrate my birthday all month long! Haha  I was telling a guest the other day how I know 6 other people who share my birthday and I said, “Hello, today is MY special day! This day is supposed to be about ME!”


I was so excited when I woke up and saw how nice the weather was!  February in Colorado normally means blizzards on my birthday!  It was low 80s, almost no humidity, and perfect blue skies!

The first thing I did in the morning was go out to Starbucks for breakfast with my good friend Katie!  She brought me a delicious cupcake from a famous store in Atlanta, Georgia called Sprinkles!


Elly surprised me with a stay at the Wilderness Lodge for my birthday!  I have only walked through the lobby once and I don’t think Elly has ever been.  It is really cool when you walk in because the building is based off the Old Faithful Snow Lodge, in Yellowstone, which we have visited before.


It was really special because Elly upgraded our room so we had the most amazing view!  We could see the waterfall, the pool, and the Seven Seas Lagoon all from our room!  And we were on the second highest floor so we could really see everything! So pretty!


The waterfall at the Wilderness Lodge

The waterfall at the Wilderness Lodge

The first thing we did was walk around the stores and pin trade!  Everyone wished me a Happy Birthday and really made an effort to talk to me and ask me about my birthday plans.  We really did not have too much planned for my birthday.  I figured that I am in the most magical place – fun things will just automatically happen!

Besides the beautiful views and lobby, I was really impressed with the food!  We went to the quick service place called the Roaring Fork.  All the cast members talked to me about how I was eating there for my birthday and even the manager came over to say hi!


Elly and I both ordered the ham and cheese paninis.  SO GOOD!  They probably have half a pound of yummy ham and it was toasted perfectly!  It was served with a side of house chips or cucumber salad.

I was completely surprised when the manager came out with all the cast members and brought me a big vanilla cupcake!!!  Then he got the entire restaurant to sing to me!  I was so surprised because I didn’t think I would be getting any cake for my birthday!  SO nice!



Afterward, I got a picture with the Roaring Fork Chorale!


Everyone was telling us to go to Magic Kingdom for the night because it was going to be open late – 1am!

We took the boat over there because that’s the only transportation offered from the Wilderness Lodge.  It was really fun and nice because the weather was still so perfect.  Before we left, we went to the giftshop for a “shopper-tunity” and bought sweaters since we were going to be out late.

So many magical moments happened when I got there!

We walked into Magic Kingdom and immediately went to see Mickey Mouse since there was no line!  Mickey wished me a Happy Birthday and then performed a magic trick with me.  So cute!



We watched the Electrical Parade and then I went on a mission to find the just released pin for the Seven Dwarfs Mine ride!  The first store I looked at, on the first rack and it had the last two!!  When I asked the manager about them, he did not even know the store had them yet!

We had the perfect viewing of Wishes!

We had the perfect viewing of Wishes!

Then we walked right on the Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain, Peter Pan, and both princess meet & greets!


We talked all about our favorite flavors of cake we like to eat! Rapunzel invited me to eat some chocolate cake she just baked!


Snow White loved my sparkly shoe laces! She asked if I was walking around the Seven Dwarfs Mine because I had diamond dust all over my shoes!


Cinderella was so sweet! She wished me a Happy Birthday and then invited me for a tea party later!

We went to get a funnel cake before Wishes and the cast member gave me free whipped cream.  Actually, she wrote “H B CAROLINE” with the whipped cream!  Haha I wish I could have gotten a good picture of it because it was hilariously awesome!

The time just flew by and before we knew it, it was already 1am!  I had so much fun on my birthday!!  Even though I work for Disney, it still amazes me how cast members really go out of their way to make my special day so amazing!  I had so much fun, I completely forgot to open all the cards my family sent me! haha


We loved the Wilderness Lodge!

We loved the Wilderness Lodge!

Throwback Thursday:

5th birthday!

5th birthday!

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