Spring Diversity Event: Celebrating the United Kingdom!

Spring Diversity Event: Celebrating the United Kingdom!

With Merida and Queen Elinor.

It has been really tough lately to go to the housing events because I have been working later than normal. I was so happy when I convinced my new CP work friend, Amanda, to come with me after we got out of work.

We both agreed that we hate doing stuff after work because we are always so tired after a long work shift and standing on our feet all day. It was almost 10pm when we decided to just stop by on our way home from work, and take a look around. (Usually the food is all gone by the last hour of these events.)

We got there and immediately ran into some of our work friends. They told us to go see the characters inside because someone really cool was there. We walked into the building and I was so surprised because there was no line at the meet & greets. Normally, when we go half an hour before an event starts, there are people already lined up.

We walked right up and met Merida and her mom, Queen Elinor. We’ve never seen Queen Elinor before. So cool!

I hugged Merida and she talked about how we both have curly hair and how hard it is to tame! The best part was, because no one was there, we got to take so many photos with them and talk to them a little longer than usual.

After photos, we left and got in line for food. I had jokingly convinced Amanda to come to the housing event by saying they had all alcohol flavored food there. But, as it turns out, I wasn’t lying! The entrée was Guinness Beef Stew with Irish Whiskey Oat Bread.

Here's a picture of the menu.

Here’s a picture of the menu.

There was so much food! The people serving kept asking if I wanted more and I kept saying that there wasn’t enough room on the plate for more. The best part was the apple crisp. The woman serving me was so nice when I asked for extra crisp. She laughed and said, “Now you’re speaking my language!” and she gave me extra cool whip too!

All the food was so good!

All the food was so good!

There was a good DJ playing with lots of dancing, a photo booth, and later the band from United Kingdom in Epcot came by and played British songs for everyone. We tried to meet Mary Poppins, Bert, and a penguin after eating, but the line was already closed by the time we were done.

I am so glad that I got to go and I had so much fun! It has been great finally getting to know the new spring CPs at DAK and making friends with them.


Still wearing our work costumes! No time to go home and change.

Dance, eat and be merry at tonight’s UK-inspired diversity event

We’re just a few hours away from one of the semester’s largest events, our spring diversity event celebrating all things United Kingdom (UK)! Join us for delectable cuisine, dancing, live music and meet-and-greet opportunities with a few of your favorite Disney characters.

March 18, 7-11 p.m.
Chatham Square field

Hearty helpings of UK-inspired dishes, like Guinness beef stew, Irish whiskey oat bread and Celtic apple crisp will be served, and Epcot’s own rock band, The British Revolution, will fill the air with a little night music. Rumor has it that a certain nanny who’s practically perfect in every way will be gracing the guest list, along with a very brave red-head.
We look forward to celebrating with you soon – cheers!
Disney Internships and Programs Events team


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