Seeing the Festival of Fantasy Parade Premier

Festival of Fantasy Parade Premier
At the March 9, 2014 FoF parade premier!!

Seeing the Festival of Fantasy parade is yet another premier that Caroline and I were able to catch during our DCP program. WOW! This parade is amazing!

The Festival of Fantasy is the new Magic Kingdom daily parade. This parade replaced the “Celebrate A Dream Come True” parade that had been going on since January 2009.

We had a great parade spot at the Magic Kingdom. We were standing right on the edge between Liberty Square and Frontierland. It was sunny day with blue skies, and it was not too crowded.  It was so great.

Belle & The Beast
parade8 (2)
Princess Ariel on her float.

The parade starts off with Belle and the Beast on a very long princess float filled with gorgeous roses. The last section of the princess float is the best with Anna & Elsa on a platform that rotates to reveal Tiana & Prince Naveen.

We thought that Anna and Elsa looked great, but we want them to have a float of their own! It just shows how much Disney underestimated the popularity of ‘Frozen’!

Peter Pan float.
Peter Pan float.

The ‘Tangled’ float was amazing with Rapunzel’s hair wrapped around the top and all along the whole float, maybe 40 feet long. There were three swings on that float that go back and forth with the movie characters on them like Flynn. We thought that would be so fun…to be a Disney character swinging on a float as it moves down Main Street USA in a parade.

Flynn on Tangled float.
Flynn swinging on the Tangled float.

The most eagerly awaited new float was a gigantic, purple metallic dragon from ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Prince Philip is ahead of the float fighting the dragon the whole time. The dragon is just huge, two stories high, it takes up the whole street and blows fire and smoke.

The fire breathing dragon from Sleeping Beauty.
WOW!!!!! The 53-foot long, Steampunk-inspired fire-breathing Maleficent Dragon from Sleeping Beauty.

The last float of the new parade was Mickey and Minnie on a 32-foot  high hot air balloon called Mickey’s Airship!  We loved it!

Hi Mickey!
Hi Mickey!

The parade was so exciting. It was really cool because we were the first of our friends to see it and the only ones to post photos on Facebook yesterday. We felt pretty lucky that we planned a Magic Kingdom day for that day because our Aunt Pam and friend Ann were visiting us and no one realized that it was launch day for the new parade!

Yum, Dole Whip floats!
Yum, Dole Whip floats in Adventureland after the parade!

After watching the parade in the sunshine, we walked over the Adventureland and hopped in line at the Aloha Isle for some Dole Whip! We love it! Ann hadn’t ever tried it! She thought it was good, but wasn’t as obsessed with it as we were. We kept offering a bite to Aunt Pam claiming it’s good for her health.

It was such a fun day at the MK! 🙂

parade (2)

03/09/2015:  Happy 1st anniversary Festival of Fantasy parade!
03/09/2015: Happy 1st anniversary Festival of Fantasy parade!

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