Strange Happenings at Caribbean Beach Resort

Strange Happenings at Caribbean Beach Resort

Jamaica Village with its white sand beach.

Both before and after our Disney cruise, we stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort. Elly was able to use her 60% off hotel holiday discount coupons on top of the resort’s off-season rates, so we got a very good deal.

The Caribbean Beach Resort is 200 lushly landscaped acres of tropical paradise built around the 45-acre Barefoot Bay. The resort features six villages—Trinidad North, Trinidad South, Martinique, Barbados, Aruba and Jamaica, all with brightly colored, tropical-themed guest rooms.

The resort brings the Islands to you with swaying palm trees, white-sand beaches with hammocks, and pastel-painted colonial architecture. It has over 2,100 rooms, all of them in two story buildings with exterior walkways.

Our room on the 2nd floor.

Our room on the 2nd floor.

We loved the colors in our room.

We loved the colors in our room.

For the two nights before the cruise, we stayed at the Jamaica village, which is painted yellow and blue.

We checked in late on the first night of our vacation after picking our mom up at the airport. We were in the bed closest to the door and our mom was in the bed on the right. There literally was no one else staying on our floor; the building was empty because it was off season.

The next morning, Elly asked us, “Did anyone else see a guy enter the room around 4am?” This inquiry was followed by, “Hey, where’s my Vera Bradley bag?”

Naturally, no one else had heard or seen a tall, thin man enter the room in the middle of the night, so she thought she had dreamed it. And, she was thinking that maybe she had left her travel bag in the car or her apartment. (It was filled with things for the cruise and post-cruise, like trading pins and vinylmations.)

That morning, we checked the car trunk and even went back to the apartment, but no bag. We spent a wonderful day at the Magic Kingdom, returning to our room at around 11pm. We decided to call hotel security and see if anyone had turned in a Vera Bradley weekender bag. It’s pretty distinctive.

Sure enough, the bag had been anonymously turned in. (When items are turned into the hotel’s Lost & Found, the receiving person is supposed to tag it with date, time, where it was found, and who accepted it. That tag was missing from Elly’s bag.)

We reported that it had been stolen from our hotel room and also that the latch was broken on our door and was not locking properly. When we had returned from the MK that evening, we just pushed the door open and didn’t need to use our MagicBands to open the door.

Within 5 minutes, we had the resort’s assistant manager, the head of security, and a maintenance guy in our room, along with Elly’s bag.

Her bag was missing the trading pins, the vinylmations, Elly’s camera charger, and, strangely, Elly work name tag was taken off her work lanyard which was wrapped around the handle.

The security guy could not believe that we had gone to bed without crossing the metal door latch. He took down all the info and the manager offered Elly a $300 room credit to cover all her losses. The maintence guy fixed the door latch. The assistant manager recommended that we file an online police report with the Orange County Police Dept., which we did. They were in our room for almost an hour going over the details of the theft report and fixing the door lock.

Clearly it was an inside job with a grounds crew person or a maintenance guy who knew the door latch was broken. He probably had been stealing from that room for months. We were lucky we only lost a few items and no one was hurt.

Trinidad North

Trinidad North

After the cruise, we stayed at Trinidad North, which is close to the Centerpoint food court, the shops, and the Spanish Fort pool. We got breakfast from the food court every morning and had lunch by the pool one afternoon. The food was very good.

Map of where evreything is at Caribbean Beach Resort.

Map of where everything is at Caribbean Beach Resort.

We pin traded at the shops every day. They have a trivia contest every morning where if you answer 10 Disney questions correctly, you get a free trading pin. That was fun.

Elly outside our room.

Elly outside our room at Trinidad North.

Caroline, on our way to lunch at Centerpoint.

Caroline, on our way to lunch at Centerpoint.

The pool was really nice.


working together at DAK

Working together at DAK.

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  1. haydub07 says:

    That sounds soo scary!! Thank goodness you guys were safe! I hope they found whoever did that! :/

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