Disney Vera Bradley Collection

I would be completely remiss if I never mentioned Disney’s Vera Bradley!!!

It first debuted in September, just in Downtown Disney’s World of Disney and Magic Kingdom’s Emporium.  Two of my CP friends actually got up at 4:30am to go to the premier event! Crazy!

554660_10201231460881564_1655363935_nMidnight with Mickey

Just Mousing Around Pattern

Here is a list of the styles the Disney Vera Bradley comes in and the prices.  Good luck finding them in stock though!

Where’s Mickey? Pattern


Although I really liked the pink ‘Just Mousing Around’ pattern, I LOVED the blue and green ‘Where’s Mickey’ pattern!! I held out and didn’t buy anything until this pattern came out in early November.  By then, the first two patterns were pretty much sold out except for the large duffel.  I was so happy when my boyfriend, who was visiting WDW at the time, bought me the ‘Where’s Mickey’ small backpack for using at the parks!  I love it!

I think Disney is gearing up for the launch of the new pattern so you (as of April 17th) can find ‘Where’s Mickey’ and ‘Midnight with Mickey’ at all the parks and at Downtown Disney!

Don’t forget, buy it when you see it!!!  Take it from someone who loves VB and works merchandise at Disney, there’s no promise you’ll be able to find the style/pattern again!

It’ll be the coolest souvenir you’ll buy! 🙂

New Vera Bradley Pattern – Perfect Petals 

DSCN0707I think it looks exactly like Flower Shower  except with hidden Mickeys.  Isn’t that kind of cheating?!


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