Epcot’s Easter Egg Hunt!

Here’s the map you receive at the beginning of your Egg Hunt

Elly read about Epcot’s 2014 Easter Egg Hunt and we decided to give it a try. You have to buy the map at either the Duffy Store or the pin trading kiosk for $4.95. (Passholders don’t get a discount.)  It comes with a blank map and a packet of stickers that look like eggs with characters’ faces on them!

You’re supposed to walk around the World Showcase and once you spot the hidden egg, you can put the sticker in the right place.

After you finish the hunt, you go back to the Duffy Store and will receive a special prize!

We started out by going to Canada first.  We had no idea what the eggs look like so we weren’t sure what to expect.  We walked into Canada’s store, after looking at all the surrounding gardens, and finally asked some cast members to help us out.  Their clue was to step outside.

Canada – Pluto

Now it looks so obvious!!!
The cast members we asked followed us outside and laughed when we finally found it!
Triumphant Elly!  1st egg found!!

United Kingdom – White Rabbit

This one was a little harder to find because we wondered through all the shops and around the back concert area.  I love that it was in the tea garden!DSCN0719

 France – Minnie

This was probably the easiest egg to find because it was right at the front, in between the Belle and Beast topiary. DSCN0721


 Morocco – Chip



 Japan – Daisy

We were so tricked out this one!  We literally walked all the way around and through Japan only to come back to the Showcase path and see it was on the side by the lake! Dang it!

 America – Mickey

I guessed Mickey would be in America because he is American! haha  I love how he is wearing a tux!



 Italy – Perry

This was Elly’s favorite egg because Perry has the stupidest face!  I still don’t understand why people like him…DSCN0732

 Germany – Goofy



African Outpost – Thumper



 China – Figment




 Norway – Dale



 Mexico – Donald 

We liked how all the eggs were sitting on nests! So cute!




Once you finish the Egg Hunt, you qualify for a special gift!  We got to pick out our very own tiny Disney Easter egg!!  These can be found at the Duffy Store.

Six mini eggs to choose from.

Elly picked Daisy because it was pink, and I picked Minnie!  Horray!!!  So fun!

These mini Easter eggs are so adorable!

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