Four Parks in One Day

Animal Kingdom

So, the one and only time I ever tried to actually do “Four Parks in One Day”, it went really well!   NOT!

Our DCP program was coming to an end and we wanted to try to do all the Parks in one day.  My work friends, Amanda and Sara, and I got up SO early (9am).  The plan was to do the Disney Parks in this order: Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and then end the day at the Magic Kingdom.

Unfortunately, that was literally the one day in over two weeks that it completely poured rain all day.

Amanda, me, and Sara at Animal Kingdom, right before it started pouring rain!

We got to Animal Kingdom and luckily we all remembered to bring our umbrellas.  We checked the wait times and the Safari was listed at 30 minutes, Dinosaur was 15 minutes, and Everest was 10 minutes.  We decided to go to the Safari because we knew the line would just be getting longer throughout the day.  Turned out to be a really bad decision on our part.

We got there and the line was now 50 minutes, and we decided to wait.  Turns out, the times just hadn’t been updated yet because we actually waited 120 minutes!  In the rain. 😦

But it was worth it because all the animals were out and walking around!

Cool elephant!  Doesn’t mind the rain at all.

The rhinos were literally two feet from the truck!


Have you ever seen the lions out like this?!  The other lioness was on that really high rock in the background.


The zebras are rarely out walking around during the day, so this was so cool to actually see them!  They are actually black with white stripes.  You can tell that because their noses are black.  Also they establish cliques and will beat each other up if they don’t like them.  (I learned all this on my behind-the-scenes DAK tour in February.)

Zebras in the rain.


Me in front of my favorite place. 🙂

By the time we got done with the safari, it was raining soooo hard!  Everest was closed and so was Dinosaur.  We decided to try and wait out the rain by going to eat at Yak and Yeti.

I ordered the Orange Chicken and Jasmine Rice.  It was SO good!  Except I don’t know if it is really worth the price.  This plate?  It cost $19.95.

Orange Chicken for lunch.

I read a blog about how you HAVE to try the pineapple and cream cheese wontons.  This was so worth it!!!

Seared pineapple and crispy cream cheese wontons, drizzled in white chocolate sauce and it is served with a side of vanilla ice cream.  Yum!!!!

Pineapple and cream cheese wontons for dessert.

Once we were done eating, we realized that it was still raining really hard and not likely to let up all day.

We decided to stop in and see safari Mickey and Minnie.

I still love their safari outfits!!

We talked about fighting through the rain and going on to the next Disney Park, but we were already thoroughly soaked and tired.

Instead we all went back to our apartments and took naps.  Although we did not end up doing all our amazing plans, it was still a good day hanging out with friends at DAK!!  🙂

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