Starlit Splash – DCP Typhoon Lagoon Takeover

The 2015 Starlit Splash

The Starlit Splash at Typhoon Lagoon.

The final Disney Housing event Elly and I attended was the Starlit Splash Typhoon Lagoon Takeover last night.  Only 3 days left on our Spring DCP program!

Last semester, the big final housing event was the Winter Formal.  For this event, Disney closed Typhoon Lagoon early and invited all the CPs to come swim and dance from 8pm-1am.

I worked 1:30-9pm that day so I was really hoping to get an early release. Luckily, I managed to get out at 8pm so I wouldn’t be too late to the party.  I was going to go with my work friend, Breona, but she wasn’t feeling well so she wasn’t sure that she would go. I ended up going by myself which was STRESSFUL!  It’s hard to walk into a place with 500+ other people and not know anyone.

When I walked in, I got one of these cool tee shirts!  For free!  Thanks Disney!

This is the front

This is the front

And it glows in the dark!!

And it glows in the dark!!

image 2

This is the back design

I walked around the entire place two times before I finally ran into someone I knew.  I ran into my work friend Alexa and hung out with her for a little bit. There were all these pirates walking around talking to CPs and taking photos with them.


Here is me with Captain Jack Sparrow!

I wasn’t sure if I would go swimming, since it was so late and breezy, and I really only like hot tubs.  I ended up dancing the entire night because the DJ was so good.  Funny story: you could definitely tell who was European because of the shortness/tightness of their swimsuits! haha!!


Check out how many CPs were there!

Here is a view of how many people were in the water.  It was crazy!  It was so hard to find and meet up with people just because Typhoon Lagoon is so spread out and there were so many people there.

Every time I looked up from dancing, I’d immediately make eye contact with someone.  SO awkward!  I think everyone was trying to figure out if they actually knew the person, or if they just couldn’t place them out of their costumes! haha DSCN1097They also had free buffet food.  I got a BBQ pulled pork sandwich.  I wasn’t that hungry because I was more focused on trying to meet up with my friends, but it was still really good food.


Free food!

We had our choice of Mickey Premium Bars and Mickey ice cream sandwiches. Yum!  I chose the ice cream sandwich and it was SO good!  Fun fact: this was actually my third Disney ice cream that day.  Oops?  Also, I took a hilarious photo of my eating this, but it’s way too embarrassing to post.
DSCN1095I was so happy because my friend Breona managed to show up after I got there.  We hung out the rest of the night, dancing together.  So fun! 10314482_794695857226988_165592204554503700_n

From 11pm-midnight, they did not allow anyone to enter or exit because there was a “celebratory surprise” planned.  They had all the pirates come on stage and sing the song from Pirates of the Caribbean “A Pirate’s Life for Me”.

After that they turned on Katy Perry’s “Fireworks” and all the back area was immediately lit up with fireworks!!! It was so magical!


Amazing fireworks show!!!!


Almost midnight!!


So fun!

Elly was working until after midnight that night, but she managed to get an early release and got there at 12:20AM.  The security people told her she was the last person allowed the enter the event. DSCN1105

We danced all the way until the end of the event.  It was such an amazing time and I am so thankful that I got to go before the end of our program!


1am! Time to leave.

More photos from the official DCP Blog site: Starlit Splash 2014



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  1. Blair Mattos says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us, you really know what you are talking about!


  2. […] went to the Typhoon Lagoon Takeover last year:  2014 Starlit Splash […]


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