Epcot’s Germany


German Village

Before the DCP program, I almost never explored Germany in the World Showcase.  I’m not really into beer so I had no reason to go.  But, boy was I wrong, because look how pretty it is!

The first time I really looked at Germany was when I went there for my friend, Meaghan’s, birthday.  She made reservations at the Biergarten Restaurant.  The restaurant is in the far back, to the left.  If you go to the right, there is a quick service place that serves bratwurst and sauerkraut.


The Biergarten Restaurant

You walk inside and it is actually a huge room with layered seating.  It literally feels like you are inside a German village.  So pretty! 🙂


Inside the Biergarten Restaurant

It is set up as a huge buffet with all the traditional German food.  The best was the cheesy potato casserole.  So good!


My friend, Meaghan, and her German food. Yum!

Then, while you eat, these guys come out in traditional clothing and play for you.  There is a small stage area in front of them so the kids can come up and dance along to the music.  I loved it!


You would not believe how cool they sounded.  Really fun music.


These are alphorns, consisting of a wooden natural horn having a wooden cup-shaped mouthpiece. Traditionally, they were used by mountain dwellers in Germany and Switzerland.

Another good thing about Epcot’s Germany is that it is the only location that sells beer and pretzels.  Sadly, the food line is always super long for this.  But, the beer is worth the wait.


Doesn’t this German pretzel look tasty?

The joke is on you if you buy this pretzel!!  The German pretzels are actually pretty gross and dry – not like the tasty Mickey shaped pretzels you can get at the Magic Kingdom!  I asked a friend who works at Germany and he said that he doesn’t understand why they taste so bad because they taste so much better in the real Germany!  Maybe they are like that to compliment the German beers.

On the left side of the shops, there is a yummy caramel shop called Karamell Küche, an ornament room, and a room filled with Swarovski crystal items!  Very pretty!


Elly is obsessed with the hand blown glass bird ornaments!


I love this shirt! It always makes me laugh. There is also one with Grumpy.

On the right side of the shops is the German toy section and sports.  I guess soccer is really big over there?


German Mickey Ears.

And last, but not least, you get to meet all the cast members who are actually from Germany.

This is my friend, Sebastian, whom I met while trying to make friends around the world.  How cute is he?!  He is so fun to talk with.


My ICP friend from Germany.  Check out his hilariously cute tie!  🙂



Two Disney sisters.

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  1. […] Read more about our visit to Epcot Germany here:  Epcot Germany Pavilion. […]


  2. […] Read more about our visit to Epcot Germany here:  Epcot Germany Pavilion. […]


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