Elly’s Final DCP Schedule

Elly’s Final DCP Schedule

My last two weeks working as a CP at DTD were a lot of work. I tried to put in for time off because my parents were coming and we were moving out of our apartment, but Disney Scheduling denied it. I worked 7 of my last 9 days!

Way more days than I wanted to work!!!

Way more days than I wanted to work!!!

I was scheduled for a mix of working Tren-D merchandise at DTD, and also as a Zone 1 Coordinator at DTD.

Last day at Tren-D.

Last day at Tren-D.

Me and my friend, Doug.  He was so funny and nice to work with!

Me and my friend, Doug. He was so funny and nice to work with!

The Spring 2014 DCP program officially ended on May 9th and thankfully Scheduling didn’t schedule me all the way through until then. I worked with another CP who also had been there for a year. She had a plane ticket to fly home but couldn’t get out of her last night of work, so she got “restricted rehire” status for not working her last 6 hour shift…after being there a year! 😦

Last day as Zone 1 Coordinator.

Last day as Zone 1 Coordinator.

Zone 1 glow cart.

Zone 1 glow cart.

But, I did get a chance to say goodbye to all my friends and coworkers. It was a fun year.

We’ve written a book about our year working at Disney World in the Disney College Program: Two Girls and a Mouse Tale. It’s filled with advice about the DCP program and how to get the most out of your internship.
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3 thoughts on “Elly’s Final DCP Schedule

  1. Jessi says:

    Hello! Been reading ur blogs cause theyre super helpful for dcps!
    I just have this question to ask…
    I recently did the onbroading paperwork. I made a little mistake on my w4 but it seems like i cannot redo the form at the moment. Im wondering if i can still change my w4 later?
    Thank you in advance:)


  2. Jessi says:

    Thank you:-)!


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