Cinderella Castle Suite at the Magic Kingdom

The stained glass windows in the suite.

The stained glass windows in the Cinderella Castle suite.

While it wasn’t on our DCP Bucket List, during our Spring 2014 DCP program, Disney ran a contest open to any Cast Member to win a night’s stay with a guest at the Cinderella Castle Suite.

Note:  It’s not not ‘Cinderella’s Suite’. It is the ‘Cinderella Castle Suite’. That’s because this isn’t where Cinderella lives, but rather it’s where her guests stay when they come for a visit. Cinderella actually lives upstairs. Guests enter the suite using a Castle elevator activated by a key-to-the-world card.

We both entered the contest every day, but didn’t win. 😦

Disney is very hush-hush about who has stayed in the suite. But, some celebrities who have stayed there are:

  • Tom and Suri Cruise, on their WDW vacation in the summer of 2012
  • Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle, celebrating 1st anniversary December 2010
  • Neil Patrick Harris, hubby David, & twins, April 2013
  • Nick Cannon, wife Mariah Carey & twins (they have also stayed at Dream Suite in Sleeping Beauty’s Castle Disneyland), 2013
  • Katy Perry, July 2014
Katy Perry staying in the Cinderella Suite on 4th of July.

Katy Perry staying in the Cinderella Castle Suite on 4th of July.


Princess pizza party. @ The Cinderella Castle Suite Walt Disney World

Omg I have the wifi password to the Cinderella castle @WaltDisneyWorld. Dreams do come trueeee!

Checking out of the suite the next morning.

Katy checking out of the suite the next morning.

Watch a video tour of the Suite:  Cinderella Castle Suite

Some history of the Cinderella Castle:
Disney World first announced the creation of the Cinderella Castle Suite in 2006. The space which is now the Cinderella Castle Suite was originally intended to be a place that Walt Disney and his family would stay in the MK park. Sadly, Walt never got to see his creation as he died in December 1966, almost five years before the Magic Kingdom opened.

Before 2006, the suite space in Cinderella Castle was generally empty, although at times it was used for storage and was once the home of the Disney telephone operators for a short while.

With the launch of The Year of A Million Dreams in 2007-2008, Disney wanted something as a very special prize for a select few lucky guests. Someone was randomly chosen at the Park each day to spend the night, with up to 5 guests, in Cinderella’s Castle Suite.

Since then, mostly various contest winners have stayed there. You can’t reserve the room – Disney has to offer the suite to you. It’s considered the most exclusive hotel suite in the world.

staying at castle (2)

two disney sisters

Two Disney Sisters at Disneyland

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Two Girls and a Mouse Tale


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