Do’s and Don’ts for Off-Duty Cast Members

Go to the Parks as often as you can during your program!!!

One of the greatest perks of working for Disney is getting free admission into the Parks whenever you want. But when playing at the parks or resorts, it’s important to uphold certain behavior standards.

Here’s our list of Do’s and Don’ts for off-duty Cast Members.


  • Recognize outstanding CMs for their hard work. Tell a Manager, Coordinator, or Guest Relations if you receive exceptional service. You would appreciate it, and so do they.  Caroline constantly asks for a blank Fanatic card to recognize when CMs go out of their way to give us an amazing experience!
  • Acknowledge guests’ celebration buttons. They might expect it from working CMs, but it makes them feel really special when other guests acknowledge them too!
  • Talk to little kids. They can sense your passion for Disney will be very excited to tell you all about their favorite characters, rides, and the best part of their day at the Park.
  • Use your knowledge to your benefit. If you see a large crowd heading in one direction and you know a shortcut, go for it!  As long as it’s ‘onstage’, of course.
  • Always ask if your CM discount is applicable! You never know where you might save a few bucks.
  • Do learn which are the “light crowd” days for each Park.  Always check that you – or your guests – aren’t blocked for the park you want to visit.
  • Follow any and all instructions from working Cast Members.  We set the example for all other guests.
  • Pick up trash off the ground. It’s what Walt would want (remember, no trash can is more than 30 steps away!).
  • Enjoy the Park as if you were on vacation! Wear celebration buttons, book FastPasses, buy a balloon, and wear your Mickey ears. Have fun – you deserve it! 🙂


  • Wear your Company ID. You could get in big trouble.
  • Go ‘backstage’ for no reason. You’re in the Park as a guest, so please use guest walkways.
  • Be rude to any Cast Member. EVER. You need to set an example for the other guests.
  • Violate character integrity. Talk about it when you get home, not in the Park where children could overhear you.
  • Offer unsolicited advice to guests.
  • Don’t ever sell your Main Gate guest passes!  EVER!!
  • Expect special treatment. You do not deserve to cut the line, get a table where you don’t have a reservation, or get a front row seat for Fantasmic! 10 minutes before showtime just because you are a CM. Please allow guests, who don’t get to spend every day at WDW, to enjoy those opportunities.
  • Openly announce the fact that you are a Cast Member, unless it comes up in conversation. It makes you sound pretentious, and it might make guests feel uncomfortable.
  • Litter, run, feed the ducks/birds, stand in walkways, leave untidy merchandise all over the store, yell or scream for no reason, or do anything else that would piss you off if you were working and a guest did it to you. 🙂

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