Do’s and Don’ts for On-Duty Cast Members

Working with your best friend makes the time fly by!
Working with your best friend makes the time fly by!

The DCP internship can make you or break you. Plenty of DCPers, at least 10-15% every semester, don’t even make it a week or two into the program, and self-term or are terminated by Disney before their program ends!

We think it’s all about having realistic expectations and a positive attitude.

Every DCPer goes through the ‘Traditions’ class and knows it’s important to uphold certain behavior standards while wearing your costume.

Here’s our list of Do’s and Don’ts for on-duty cast members.

Remember the Four Keys: Safety, Efficiency, Courtesy, and Show! If you are performing your duties while keeping the Keys in mind, you’ll do great!

Make a commitment to performing Magical Moments for guests every day. They may not remember the 100th time they rode “Pirates of the Caribbean”, but they will remember a cast member who made their day special.

Acknowledge guests’ celebration buttons. There are at least seven current celebration buttons (I’m Celebrating, Happily Ever After, I’m Engaged, etc.), and many guests wear their celebration buttons from previous visits. It’s an easy way to make guests feel valued and special.

Talk to little kids. They can sense your passion for Disney will be very excited to tell you all about their favorite characters, rides, and the best part of their day at the Park.

Carry your CM ID with you always! You will need it to get backstage, to clock in, etc.

Always take pride in your costume! This falls under “Show”, and you should always be in the ‘Disney Look’ while at work. You never know who, i.e., managers, VPs, etc. could be walking around in guest clothes and see you!

Share your magical stories with your coordinators and managers. They write “recaps” of the day and your story could make it into those recaps, which get sent to all area managers for review.

Remember that “Safe-D Begins with Me”. Putting a yellow caution cone by the front door or an extra mat down when it starts to rain could prevent a guest from slipping. Be the first to go get the broom and the dust pan when something breaks. Practicing safety the “Disney Way” is the easiest way to get a Four Keys Fanatic Card.

Remember when you “See something, Say something”. If you see a fellow cast member doing something great, say something to their manager!  It’s how we earn our Four Keys recognition cards! 🙂

Remember to use your Two Finger Point when directing guests to attractions or restaurants in the Parks.

Remember your water bottle and to bring your lunch! Break periods are short and you should make the most of them.

Pick up trash off the ground. It’s what Walt would want (remember, no trash can is more than 30 steps away!).

Smileyou work in the happiest place on earth where dreams really do come true, and that’s no joke! 🙂

Be late! Always allow extra time for getting to work and never count on the buses to get you to work on time! 1 minute late = 1/2 point on your card!

Forget to call in if you will miss a day. Remember, it’s one point if you miss a day and you only get 3 points per reprimand!

Don’t call out sick or personal, and then go to the Parks on the same day. Never ever do this!  Deployment sends a note to your manager when you call out, so it is easily tracked if you use your Main Gate pass to get into the Parks. You will be termed for doing that.

Forget all the requirements of the Disney Look when you’re in costume. They will send you home if you show up in a wrinkled or dirty costume, if you look bad/unkempt (i.e., hung-over), etc. You are the face of Disney while at work.

Be rude to any fellow Cast Member. If you’ve having a tough day due to the crowds or whatever, chances are they are too!

Lose the magic. Working at Disney is hard work, but the rewards are worth it. If you find yourself losing the magic, it’s time to rethink your attitude. The DCP internships are short, just a semester. You’ll never get a second chance to ‘make Walt proud’. 🙂

Always point with two fingers!
Always point with two fingers!


The Do’s and Don’ts for Off-Duty Cast Members:  Do’s and Don’ts When You Are Off Duty


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