Signs You Have PDCPD–Post Disney College Program Depression

castle graduation

(from Tumblr)

The day you returned home from the DCP program, you were excited to see family and friends, and finally get back to your “normal life.” The very next day:  Bored!

You have a bad case of PDCPD, my friend!

  • As you’re unpacking your immense mass of Disney merchandise that you’ve collected over the past 5-9 months, you have a minor meltdown trying to figure out where to put it all… And you hope your family/friends don’t think you’re crazy for acquiring all this stuff during a time when you told them that you were “going broke.”
  • Every time you watch a Disney movie, you tear up before the movie even starts…seeing that Disney Castle with fireworks over it….Your heart breaks a little every time you see a Disney Parks commercial. Missed the opening of the new Mine Train in May?
  • You see Disney merchandise at Walmart and start calculating how much it would cost with your discount. Then, you realize your discount won’t work there… Oh, and you don’t work for Disney anymore either…
  • The thought of not seeing fireworks every night puts you in a depressed state of mind.
  • You get easily offended when somebody says something remotely negative about Disney.
  • Your brain is full of wonderful Disney trivia and tidbits that you never knew before working for Disney.
  • You see Hidden Mickeys everywhere.  🙂
  • You start working back home and are shocked at the lack of safety in your work place. Remember, “Safe-D begins with me”!
  • You think back to your Traditions class and wish to go back to that special day and feel those feelings all over again.
  • You order the free Disney vacation planning DVD because you miss getting mail from Disney.
  • When you hear about new things happening at your Park, you want to see it ASAP!
  • You’ve thought about doing another DCP program or a Professional Internship in the near future and don’t care what role you’d get because you want to go back. SO BADLY.
  • You took hundreds of photos during the DCP program and uploaded them already, but realize you have hundreds more that haven’t been posted. However, you delay posting them because looking back at all the memories reminds you that you’re not there anymore.
  • You’ve said “Have a magical day!” by accident and received weird looks from people. At Disney, you’d get a smile from guests.
  • Disney movie marathons on the ABC Family channel become a special “must see” event.


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