Things to Do While Waiting for your DCP Acceptance

welcomeIt can be tough waiting for your DCP acceptance to come through.  For many applicants, the wait from the day you first apply online to your arrival date at the program will be 5-6 MONTHS!  The thrill of passing the online interview, followed by the knowledge of nailing the phone interview fades as you impatiently wait for the acceptance email to come!

CP Moment Accepting a PositionAfter accepting your internship, you still will have almost 4 months before arrival day!

Here are some ideas to pass the time:

Make a Disney Bucket List

We kept a list with 50 tasks, but some CPs go all out and have lists of over 100 things they want to do.

Think About How You’ll Get to Disney

Will you be flying there or driving your car?  (If you can bring your car, DO IT!)  Can any family members come with you and help get you get settled into your new apartment?

Disney University

Look over all the classes offered at Disney University during your internship and decide if any of them interest you.  Select a couple of choices as the most popular ones fill up fast and you might get wait listed.

Contact Your University

Once you’ve accepted your DCP offer, let your academic advisor know that you’ll be taking a semester off, especially if you’re close to graduating.  If you’ve decided to take a class at Disney University, see if your college will give you credit for it.  Typically, colleges will give 3 credits for a Disney University class (but you must pass the class!).  If you’re a hospitality major, etc., some colleges may also give you 3-5 credits for the DCP internship experience.

Wear a Disney Shirt     

It’s never too early to get in the Disney frame of mind and start your Disney clothes collection.  You’ll need at least a few Disney t-shirts to wear at the theme parks.  And, if you plan on Disney Bounding, it takes a while to get those outfits together!

Use Your Disney Mug Every Morning

Make Mondays “Mugshot Mondays” and take a photo of your favorite drink in a Disney mug – the one you’ll be bringing with you to the program!

Listen to Disney Music

We recently bought the “Frozen” soundtrack like 10 million other people and we love it!  We also have all the songs from other Disney movies on our iPad and listen to them while driving.  Might as well learn the words to all the Disney songs while you’re waiting for arrival day!  (♪♫♪ Under the sea…♫♪♫)

Have a Disney Movie Night

Who doesn’t own at least 10 Disney movies?  OK, maybe some of them are on VHS and maybe this is a good time to think about asking for some newly-released straight from the Disney Vaults DVDs or Blu-ray movies or, even better, the multi-feature set with a digital copy!

Watch at least one Disney movie every week, especially any that you haven’t seen in years.  The Disney Channel runs movie marathons all the time.

Buy Some Trader Pins

Even if you don’t think that you’ll be collecting any Disney pins, everybody does!  How can you pass up pins of your location (i.e., Animal Kingdom) or attraction (i.e., Haunted Mansion), especially the limited edition holiday-themed ones??!!  We know we couldn’t!  🙂

Buy a New Camera

Buy a new camera – or upgrade your phone – and learn how to take great photos and share them.  Your family and friends will want to see what you’re up to at Disney.

Start a Blog

Start blogging about DCP months before you get there.  It’s a great way to connect with other CPs who are in your program.  You might find someone who you want to be roommates with!

Join a DCP Facebook Group

There’s the official DCP Facebook page, of course, but the fun pages to follow are the unofficial DCP groups.  Find one linked to your program or arrival date and make some new friends!

calm (2)

We’ve written a book about our year working at Disney: Two Girls and a Mouse Tale.
Available now on in paperback and Kindle. Published by Theme Park Press.

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