Installing the Cinderella Castle Dream Lights

The crane "ruins" a lot of guests photos for 2 weeks!
The crane looming over the Castle “ruins” a lot of guests photos for 2 weeks!

Seeing the crane alongside the Cinderella Castle in September can only mean one thing:  The Dream Lights are being installed! 🙂

The installation of the Cinderella Castle Dream Lights started on September 8th and will continue through September 21, 2014, when the crane will be removed.  Disney decorates Cinderella Castle for the holiday season with a “Dream Lights” effect that makes the Castle seem to be covered in ice. Over 200,000 LED lights are draped over the turrets and roofs of the Castle to create this beautiful effect.

New this year:  Elsa turns the Cinderella Castle icy!

New for 2014:  Queen Elsa!
New for 2014: Queen Elsa!

Starting on November 5th, the Snow Queen will be filling Cinderella’s shoes as the new host of the Magic Kingdom’s Castle Dream Lights show. Instead of the Fairy Godmother waving her wand and illuminating Cinderella Castle with over 200,000 holiday lights, it’ll be Elsa using her icy magic to turn the Castle into a winter wonder.

**Sigh**  Lovely!
**Sigh**   Just lovely!

A short show called “Cinderella’s Holiday Wish” starts the evening’s celebration, followed by the Castle lighting ceremony around 6:15 pm.  The Castle lights will remain on, slowly changing colors, for the rest of the evening.

More photos of the Magic Kingdom decorated for Fall:



Two Girls and a Mouse Tale
Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

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