Current and Upcoming Closures for Disneyland Resort, 2014-2015

60th Diamond Anniversary

60th Diamond Anniversary

In anticipation of Disneyland’s 60th Diamond Anniversary Celebration kicking off in Spring 2015, Disneyland is sprucing up a lot of their attractions.  But, that’s bad news in the short-term as this means many rides will be shut down for weeks or months! 😦

This is a centralized list of attractions and dining venues that are currently closed or are scheduled to be closed for refurbishment. We also list here attractions and dining venues that will soon close permanently or that have recently closed for good.

These attractions and dining venues are scheduled to formally re-open the day immediately following the finish dates listed below.

Disneyland Refurbishments START DATE FINISH DATE
Mark Twain Riverboat 9/5/14 11/28/14
it’s a small world 10/20/14 11/6/14
Plaza Inn 10/27/14 11/6/14
Big Thunder Ranch 11/1/14 11/6/14
Space Mountain 11/3/14 11/3/14
Pinocchio’s Daring Journey 11/12/14 11/13/14
Snow White’s Scary Adventures 11/12/14 11/13/14
Storybook Land Canal Boats 12/1/14 12/18/14
Matterhorn Bobsleds 1/5/15 5/13/15
Splash Mountain 1/12/15 4/2/15
Peter Pan’s Flight 1/12/15 5/7/15
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 1/12/15 2/5/15
Haunted Mansion 1/12/15 1/22/15
California Adventureland Refurbishments
The Bakery Tour 10/21/14 1/16/15
Turtle Talk with Crush 10/28/14 10/29/14
Goofy’s Sky School 12/1/14 12/8/14
Toy Story Midway Mania! 12/8/14 12/11/14
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 1/5/15 1/8/15
Soarin’ Over California 1/6/15 5/14/15
World of Color 1/7/15 3/12/15
Luigi’s Flying Tires 1/12/15 12/1/15

Recently Permanently Closed Attractions

Attractions that recently — and sadly — have been scubbed forever:

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