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DCP Program

Disney College Program

November 19, 2014

“My sister and I decided to apply for the Fall 2013 DCP internship and were lucky enough to both be accepted. I got a Merchandise role at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and my sister got a Merchandise role at Downtown Disney. But, we both loved picking up open shifts at each other’s locations!

We were having so much fun in our roles and interacting with guests that we both extended into the Spring 2014 program! It was a once in a lifetime experience for us both working a year at WDW!”- Elly & Caroline Collins

Working together at Animal Kingdom's Island Merchantile.

Working together at Animal Kingdom’s Island Merchantile.

Heather Keenan I extended my CP too! Best year of my life. DTD Operations 03-04

Unlike · Reply · 2 · November 19 at 7:04pm

Liz Acuna I remember that costume. WDWCP 1998, we opened up Animal Kingdom. Good memories!

Like · Reply · 1 · November 19 at 7:05pm

Britt Petrone Aubrey could be us

Like · Reply · 1 · November 19 at 7:27pm

Kat Ocepeck Omg I worked there! Viva Gaia

Like · Reply · November 19 at 7:59pm

Kimberly Meiske Taht My daughter starts in January. Am I correct that she won’t find out her assignment until she checks in?

Like · Reply · 1 · November 19 at 8:01pm

Samantha Maxwell Keelin That is correct Kimberly. My daughter starts in January too.

Like · Reply · 1 · November 19 at 8:07pm

Andre Aguilar Pacheco This is so sweet! Sisterly love at DCP

Like · Reply · November 19 at 9:04pm

Tabitha Cochenour I start in February! I’m nervous but excited!

Like · Reply · November 19 at 9:15pm

Tabitha Cochenour Kimberly and Samantha, if your girls are going to be living in the provided housing and want a roommate, I’m up for that. I don’t know anyone.

Like · Reply · November 19 at 9:17pm

Janelle ‘Nelle’ Norton I wish I would have extended. I loved being a cp! After I’m done raising my kids I’d like to work for the mouse again. .. Same job bc I loved it so much. Magic kingdom custodial!

Like · Reply · 1 · November 19 at 9:21pm

Steven Crawford I also worked DAK fall of 2013…main entrance merchandise, I picked up a shift at discovery island!

Like · Reply · 1 · November 19 at 9:34pm

Netti Knowles Those two girls are the BEST!!!

Like · Reply · 1 · November 19 at 10:06pm

Josh Mallow I begin in February and can not be more excited to be a part of the most magical cast on earth!

Like · Reply · 5 · November 19 at 10:28pm

Lisa Trump Trisha and Brianne remember these costumes?! Luckily I only wore it for a week

Like · Reply · 1 · November 19 at 11:11pm

Janelisse Rodriguez Guasp I read her blog about it once. She talked about her whole experience.

Like · Reply · November 19 at 11:55pm

Riko Ishimura 成田 佳代
your costume!!!See Translation

Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 1:35am

Kelly Hessinger That’s where I worked  I recognize the island anywhere lol

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 4:40am

Trisha Frazer Lisa Trump hahaha fav outfits of all time right Brianne Michelle?

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 8:06am

Rachel Meister Maddie Hopkins your outfit??

Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 8:14am

Maddie Hopkins heheheh yup!!

Like · Yesterday at 8:16am

Monica Rodriguez I miss that costume! I worked there on the island right before you for Spring 2013!

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 8:59am

Caroline Collins This is SO cool being featured on the DCP page! Thank you!!

Like · Reply · 1 · 18 hours ago

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