Top 20 People You’ll Meet During Your Disney College Program

welcomeThese are the cast member personalities of the DCP program.

1.  The Facebook Friend You Never Met: If you’re about to start your DCP, then you’ve probably made a few friends in the Facebook group. You also probably have intentions of meeting all of them in person eventually. Yeah, at least one of them is going to be really sketchy and decide to avoid you once you both actually get there. Eventually, you’ll just give up on trying and randomly bump into them as a park guest weeks later while they’re working and you’ll both awkwardly pretend that you don’t recognize each other.

2.  The Sassy Gay Cast Member: As you know, a large portion of the men in the DCP program are gay. And while not all gay guys are the same, there is one type of gay guy who stands out and is found in abundance. In every group of friends, every location, and almost everywhere you look, a sassy gay cast member will be sassing someone. S.G.C.s have the condescending and self-righteous personality you’d expect. They act as if WDW would fall apart if they weren’t there to make your day magical, and you’re gonna get sassed out if you disagree. [We actually liked this CP the best!  They are the most fun to hang with!!]

3.  The Pixie Duster: Pixie Dusters are Disney fans/cast members who believe that every single thing Disney does is magical. The company can do absolutely no wrong. These kinds of fans usually have the same mentality of a 10 year old. These aren’t the Disney fans who would enjoy a few drinks around the World Showcase or party at House of Blues in Disney Springs.  Nope. These are the fans who live and breathe Magic Kingdom and think Belle is the best Disney character because they have the same color hair.

4.  The Disney Führer: There is always that one person at EVERY work location who takes their job of parking strollers way too seriously. Not only do they follow every rule in the book, they are strict about you following them too. Even though they aren’t a manager or your manager, they will enforce Disney’s procedures as if they are being paid manager pay and not $10/hour.

5.  The Workaholic: The workaholic is exactly what you think, it’s someone who just came to Disney to work. This person will take every shift they can take, and will always be working no matter what time of day you ask them what they’re up to. The real question is, if you came down here just to work, why did you pick to work for a company that pays you basically minimum wage?  Even Universal pays more… why not go there? Part of the Disney College Program experience is getting to go to the parks and fully experience everything Disney.

6.  The One Who Never Works: And now for the polar opposite of the workaholic. No matter where you work, you’ll know the person who never shows up. Disney has a lot of opportunity to give away shifts and leave early by getting an ER (Early Release). Once you get to work, you can easily apply for an ER, and depending on your work area and time of year, you will probably be approved to finish your shift early if you desire. You can even try for ADOs (Approved Days Off), and if they are overstaffed, you get to go home before your shift even starts with no points on your record card at all. Because of these options, Disney makes it easy for you to barely work if you’d rather enjoy your program than work yourself to death. And of course, some people take it to the extreme and find a way to barely work during their program without it affecting their record card.

7.  The Older Guy: Every program has at least one, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There is always that cast member in their 40s-60s who you never fathomed would be a CP. That is until someone mentions that they are rooming with a 57 year old in Vista Way. We all know a lot of older people attend college, but you didn’t think of them applying to the Disney College Program, did you? Just keep him in mind when you’re thinking about not picking your roommates beforehand. You just moved out of your parents place to live with someone else’s parent.

8.  The Alcoholic: He drinks, he parties, he still hasn’t been to the parks yet. We all know him. Let’s continue.

9.  Sweatpants: A lot of my CP friends had ‘sweatpants’ for roommates. Sweatpants are people who come all the way to the program but don’t tend to do anything with it. They will just go to work, come home, cook themselves a meal, and watch TV. No park hopping, no partying, nothing. Makes you wonder why they applied. All they’re doing here really is… existing.

10.  Little Miss Daddy Issues: You thought you’ve met some crazies in your day? Everything else was just practice ‘cause you’re in the College Program now. I don’t know what it is about the Disney College Program that brings this classic mold by the busload, but girls with self esteem issues to the point where it might be a borderline personality disorder inhabit the DCP like ducks in pond. No one needs attention like these girls in the program, and you’re going to realize that quickly.

11.  The Single One in the Relationship: This is the person you will hook up with a few times until you realize they have a significant other back home. A lot of people come to the program with people back home waiting for them. You would never know that they aren’t single from the way they spend their time at the program.  It’s actually a well known saying, “Everyone is single on the DCP.”

12. The Promoter: You may have already seen this person in the Facebook group before you even get to Disney. This is the person who posts way too much. They can’t wait to get down here and they want you to know it. Every wave of CPs has a few people like this, whom everyone in the program knows from Facebook alone. When they get to the program, they will post hundreds of photos of themselves hanging out with their clique of friends to make sure you know how much “fun” they are having.

13.  The Lonely Heart: This person is single, which is a very big inconvenience to them. A lot of people come to the DCP to find their Prince Charming or Cinderella, but a lot of the time that doesn’t work out as planned. It’s a shame because a lot of people dream of that when fantasizing about what their DCP will be like. Some people just enjoy their program, other people will post a photo in the group or rant for hours about how they are going to be alone forever and how there are no cute straight guys or single guys here. Little do they consider that they are leaving in a few months anyway.

14.  The Who Wants to go to the Parks? Guy: You’ll see this guy all over the Facebook group and blowing up your phone soon enough. Every day he’s off work he’s going to ask who else is and wants to hit up the parks with him. You’ll slowly realize that it’s always the same handful of people asking and you’ll wonder why that handful just doesn’t go to the parks together and stop bothering everyone else.

15.  The International: When a new international CP arrives in your work location, everyone is going to be obsessed for the first few weeks. Even though there’s a whole World Showcase of international cast members at all times, that one hot Australian or German at your location is going to be everyone’s “shot at a foreigner” for reasons unknown. Give it a few weeks and they’ll lose their shine and be as un-exotic as someone from Ohio.

16.  That Guy Who Got Termed the First Week: There’s always that one person from Facebook or your building or Traditions class who you never see around anymore. What ever happened to that guy?

17.  The Roomie: There’s going to be someone you meet in the program who you will rarely see because of “the roomies”. You were supposed to hang out? His or her roomie wants to hang out first. So wanna reschedule for tomorrow? It’s movie night with the roomies. How about Tuesday? They’re going to the park with the roomies that day. Can you come? Nope…

18.  The Princess: The princesses are… interesting to say the least. Physically, they are usually the most attractive CPs. You can probably already tell from their pictures on Facebook if they are going to be a princess or not, but just wait until they start working. You’d think they really were royalty. It’s the typical snootiness you’d expect, but with a bit of delusion. I’ve even seen a handful refer to themselves daily as the princess they portray. Another anecdote: I’ve heard of a girl getting on a crowded DCP bus and actually saying “I don’t believe people’s manners these days. I’m Tinkerbell, no one is going to offer their seat?” to which my “lowly” custodial friend responded “We thought you had wings.” She wasn’t even a character princess!

19.  The Princess Wannabe: Before auditions to be a cast as a princess in the parks, many girls have confidence that they will be the next Belle or Ariel. You can’t talk to a group of female CPs without at least one of them saying that  people have always told her she could be Belle in Walt Disney World and how she is going to audition and get it. Some of them have no doubt that its going to happen.   And, surprise…it doesn’t!

20.  The Entertainment Outcast: The entertainment outcast just wants to be in entertainment. They do not care if it’s a character performer or a parade dancer, they just want it. They socialize only with entertainment cast members and character attendants, and probably know more about the role than the people who work it. You can’t really talk to them for more than ten minutes without a story about their character “friend” at work being brought up. They usually go to every audition possible, so you won’t really see much of them during the day unless it’s in the park on the curb dancing in sync with the parade dancers during every parade. As if an entertainment manager is going to see them dancing from a distance and approach them with “Wow, you know all the moves to ‘Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it!’. I have an extra costume in my trunk, can you start today?”


Now you have an idea of the kind of people who work for the Disney company.

Have a magical day!

It all goes by so fast!

It all goes by so fast!

(We did not write this list, but we agree with it!  Please read more at:


working together at DAK

Working together at DAK.

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