2014 Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Hollywood Studios

On the Streets of America

On the Streets of America

The Osborne lights get turned on at 6pm sharp on the Streets of America at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

A Spectacle of Dancing Lights.

A Spectacle of Dancing Lights:  The Big Light Switch.

We were just leaving the Frozen sing-along at the Premier Theater when the lights came on just after dark.

Every inch of every building is covered in lights!

Every inch of every building is covered in lights!

WOW!!! Just wow!  🙂

The music that accompanied the light show was excellent!

The music that accompanied the light show was excellent!

The light spectacle this year has been enhanced to include choreographed “dancing” lights that swirl and soar to an exhilarating medley of holiday music every 15 minutes, thanks to electronic wizardry featuring more than 400 dimmers.

Every building façade, all the trees, wreaths, bells and holiday figures dance to classic tunes while “Florida snow” flurries fall from the skies.  It really is something to see!!


The LED lights were so BRIGHT!

This elaborate holiday decoration display incorporates millions of LED Christmas lights, fake snow and various holiday vignettes done to familiar holiday carols and tunes.  Lovely.

Elly’s Video of the 2014 Osborne Family Christmas Light Show,  Jingle Bells: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTJrJs71V40&feature=youtu.be

Marvel at millions of glittering lights perfectly synchronized to holiday music. Share in an awe-inspiring seasonal treat for the entire family. Brilliant multi-colored bulbs wrap the buildings, changing hues and brightness throughout the show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

As joyful music surrounds you, a sea of twinkling lights form twirling carousels of heavenly angels, toy soldiers, a spinning Earth, and even Santa and his trusty reindeer. It’s something you have to see to believe!

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