2018 Disney Blue Main Gate/Self Admission Pass Blackout Dates


Mickey and Minnie in their springtime outfits.

We thought we would post the upcoming blockout dates for using your Disney guest passes for all four WDW theme parks for the next few months in case family and friends are planning a visit to Orlando to see you!

New official link for cast members to check on blockout dates at all Disney Parks: https://blockoutdates.disney.com/

April 2018 – July 2018:  The blockout dates for the 4 WDW parks are below.

Magic Kingdom:


Only 1 blockout day is currently scheduled at MK and it’s blocked for both self admission and guest passes, July 4th.


The 2018 International Flower and Garden Festival is going on right now at Epcot until May 28, 2018.



No upcoming blockout days are scheduled at Epcot.

toy Story1

Opens June 30th!!!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios:


DHS is still a 1/2 day park until Toy Story Land opens in June. The entire month of July is blocked out for using guest passes!


Upcoming blockout days for self admission at DHS.


Feb 2018: Seeing Pandora for the 1st time with our mom.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom:


Lots of upcoming blockout days for using your guest passes at DAK.

Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon:

Note about the Disney Water Parks:  Jan. 1 through March 24, 2018, active Florida-site Cast Members and eligible Employees receive complimentary self-admission to Disney Water Parks. In addition, they may purchase discounted Guest tickets at 50% off for their number of eligible admits. Cast and Employees must visit the water park along with their Guests. Please note that the water parks close when the temperature falls below 60 degrees.



Park ticket prices went up on 02/11/2018.

At the gate, a one-day regular Magic Kingdom ticket will cost $119, a $4 increase. A value ticket will cost $109, a $2 increase, while a peak ticket will now cost $129, a $5 increase.

For the other three parks — Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom — prices are also increasing.

A one-day regular ticket is $114, a $7 increase. A value ticket will cost $102, a $3 increase, while a peak ticket is $122, a $3 increase.

Parking per car will also increase from $22 a day, up from $20, and preferred parking $45, up from $40.

company d

Updated ticket prices February 11, 2018 for CM guest tickets.

Remember, CMs can buy discounted park tickets for their guests at the Company D store to use on blocked out days.

Discounted (10% off) ticket rates: Discounted Tickets for Cast Members

You can see how the blockout dates line up with this 2018 crowd forecast:

Disney World Crowd Forecast – When Should We Go?

summer crowd 2018 (2)

There are good days to visit WDW (green dots) and very BAD days to visit WDW (red dots). Don’t waste your time and money visiting Disney World on red dot days!!!



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193 thoughts on “2018 Disney Blue Main Gate/Self Admission Pass Blackout Dates

  1. Roxann Mcdonough says:

    Can employees sell guest passes on craigslist? I have seen photos of tickets from Craigslist and wanted to know if they are real and allowed to sell?


    • Hello,
      Cast Members are NOT allowed to sell their guest passes/personal tickets! If they are caught doing this, they will be terminated and not allowed to work for Disney again. I wouldn’t buy tickets from Craigstlist, it is most likely a scam.


  2. J. Vuyic says:

    Thanks for providing substantial information.


  3. battle scarred says:

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  4. disneymom says:

    I have a question regarding fastpasses when using guest passes. My daughter will be off and coming with us to the park and we will use her guest passes. I know we can’t book FP beforehand, but once inside the park, can we then book FP? Does she have to book them, or can we if she does wind up going to work?


    • She only needs to be with you to get you into the park. Once in, you can book Fast Passes, but do it quick as a lot of them are gone by 9-10am!
      And, don’t forget, once you’re in the park you can then park hop to any of the parks without her!
      Have a magical day!!


    • Elisa Llamido Wes says:

      Probably too late a reply to matter to you, but this may help someone else. You can book fast passes for guest passes 1 week in advance. Fast passes need to be booked using the cast members account. If they do not accompany you that day (I use a spouse pass), they need to book it for everyone, including themselves, and then deselect themselves, leaving the rest of the party.


  5. Jackie says:

    Are CM passes only valid/activated when a CM is with you? For instance, if a CM “signed us in” on Wednesday, and we still had the pass, could we use it on Thursday if the CM does NOT sign in?



    • Daily, the CM must enter the park IMMEDIATELY before you. Then the pass becomes a park hopper pass for the day and they don’t need to be with you if you visit other parks.

      It resets at midnight, so Wednesday’s pass isn’t good for Thursday. You need a new pass and they again go in before you.


  6. nba 2k16 says:

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  8. Des says:

    Think the summer block out dates will change for June and July- this 2016?


  9. IGM says:

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  10. Sita0485 says:

    Do i have a limit on how many times I can enter the parks? My husband works at Disney and we have the silver member pass, also can I park hop with them or only one park a day? Thanks!!


  11. Darren Bright says:

    Question — I worked at, and left, a Disney subsidiary company a couple years ago, but I actually still have my blue main entrance pass and company ID. Would these still work at the gate? I never actually made use of the pass while I was there and wouldn’t mind taking the family to Disneyland for a few days without spending $1000+.


    • They won’t. They went inactive after you left the company. If you took them over to Guest Services to get a pass, it would show invalid for entrance.
      BUT, don’t lose your Blue ID! If you work for Disney again and can’t find it, they’ll charge you $35 for a new one!


  12. Isabel G says:

    Hello, my husband is a part timer, I am confused with the main entrance pass and the guest pass. Can I go to the parks as many times as I want? And how many times a guest can go with our guest pass?


    • You got a spouse/dependent pass.
      Yes, you can go to the parks on any day that’s not blocked out for guest passes.

      The Chip and Dale passes are only good for 1 day/1 guest now. (This change went into effect Jan 1, 2016.) The old passes were good for 3 days for up to 6 guests. Not anymore. 1 day/1 guest, park hopper.


  13. Lacy Randt says:

    Very nicely written post, thanks


  14. Dawn says:

    Love all the information on your site, but I do have a question and forgive my long backstory here 😉 I was recently hired as a Cast Member at my local Disney Store and received a Blue Main Entrance Pass, I’m confused by the “16 visits”. Does this mean I can only use the pass 16 times in a calendar year for myself or 16 times to bring guest with me? I’m currently an annual passholder at Disneyland and my renewal is approaching soon. My manager told me I wouldn’t need to renew it now. I attend the parks 50+ times a year, so 16 times wouldn’t work for me…hahaha! I don’t want to miss out on my discount for renewing my AP if this is the case.


    • Please refer to the green embedded chart, right hand column (< 15 years service)….Regular Full Time and Regular Part Time Employees.

      You now have 16 guest passes, each time for you plus up to 3 guests. These will have block out dates throughout the year. Not many, just around the major holidays. They are good for any US Disney theme park.

      If you like to go 50+ times a year, you still need to buy an annual pass. Cast members can get that at a 10% discount.

      The reason your manager is confused is that this all changed on January 1st, 2016. Many managers and coordinators don't understand what all the changes mean (poor training!).

      Hope this info helps.


  15. ninay says:

    hi me and my family would like to visit disneyland shanghai this september 8-12 2016. can we use the main entrance pass? thank you so much


    • Unfortunately, no. If Disney cancels the block out for Shanghai currently scheduled to go at least until Sept 30th, we will update our blog with the info.
      You still can use your ID for merchandise and food discounts. (Haven’t heard of anyone being able to use their ID to get discounted rooms yet.)

      Shanghai Disney Resort – Blocked Out Summer 2016

      Due to anticipated high Guest attendance, at this time Shanghai Disneyland will not be accepting complimentary admission (i.e.: Main Entrance Passes, Spouse/Domestic Partner Passes, Self-Admission Passes, Complimentary Tickets, One-Day Park Hopper® Guest Tickets, etc.). Please continue to enjoy your Complimentary Admission at eligible theme parks. Posted by Disney Theme Parks 05/27/2016


  16. Monica says:

    I have a question. I have a blue main gate and 3 guest passes with 16 tickets annually. Do I have to use all 3 tickets every time I use guest passes, or can I use them individually 16 times?? Thanks for the help!


    • You can get in for free 16x per calendar year with your ID.

      You can go by yourself or bring up to 3 guests each time you go. (They can not go without you. You must enter the park first, then your guests immediately follow you.)

      So about every 3 weeks you get to go to the parks (with or without guests) for free!!!

      Have a magical day!



  17. Monica says:

    Do you know when cast members can get into the water parks again 2016?


  18. Kelly Davis says:

    I know the dates are not out for January 2017 but does anyone know/remember what the block out dates were for this past January…just trying to get an idea on planning. Thanks


  19. F Lozj says:

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  20. DC Kezuown says:

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  21. Caty Plehn says:

    Blog is super helpful! One question. Are spouses and children of College Program or Disney Professional Internships allowed to visit for free with the participant? Or do they also have to have one of the Chip and Dale passes?


    • The CP will get 3 Chip and Dale one day park hopper passes for friends and family to use after they work 150 hours.

      If they later become full-time employees with Disney, that all changes and family members get their own Silver Passes as an employee benefit and can get in for free.


  22. Sky says:

    Can we still get in free for waterparks if so for how long ??


    • Yes, park water admission is free for CMs right now.
      Great news – it will remain free now until next summer (June 2017)!!
      There might be some holiday blackout days coming up, so always check on the Hub before you go.


  23. John says:

    If lost maingate and 3 pass do have pay 35 for each


  24. Arlin says:

    Hey my husband just recieved his MainGate and 3 guest passes. We have 3 kids, and we’re a family of 5. Are we able to get an extra guest pass?. Or we have to buy an entrance ticket every time?


    • I’m assuming he’s not a regular full-time employee if he only got 3 guest passes.
      Unfortunately, if he doesn’t qualify for the dependent passes, i.e., he’s seasonal or part-time, you can’t just request extra passes for family members.
      You can buy discounted tickets, including children’s tickets, for 10% off gate prices at the Company D store.


  25. krissy says:

    I am very confused as to what you are saying regarding part time employees only getting 16 days for them. As a part time employee I believe I can go to the parks whenever I want for free—not just 16 times. My guest passes only allow me to bring in guest 16 days though. Can you please clear this up.


    • As you know, there are many different types of classifications for Disney cast members, including those that work part-time at the Disney Store vs. those working for Disney Parks and Resorts.

      Yes, as a part-time cast member for Disney Parks and Resorts, you can get into any park as often as you wish as long as it’s not a self admission blocked day.

      The number of guest passes per cast member are also dependent on how much you work and for which Disney subsidiary.

      Please refer to the tables in this blog: https://collinsrace1.wordpress.com/2016/01/04/guest-passes-for-disney-cast-members/

      We hope this helps!

      Have a magical day! 🙂


  26. Silas says:

    This is the most helpful blog I have found on this subject so thank you!

    My wife is a PT CM at parks and resorts. As such I have a blue spouse pass which allows me to go in the parks without her being there. Does this count against the 16 yearly limit? Also, is there a place I can go to see how many we have left for the calendar year? Thank you!


    • Yes, whether you go with or without your spouse, it counts towards the 16 annual free admissions.

      You can’t track it because you don’t have Hub access, but your wife can look under Hub>>Complimentary passes and see how many times it’s been used.
      Remember, it will reset Jan 1st with 16 more passes.

      Have a magical day!



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  31. Angela says:

    I’m an Operating Participant with a Blue Main Entrance Pass and 3 Guest passes. Twice last year I was able to use my Main Entrance Pass to get myself and my guest into Disneyland for free. My question is, I don’t have that Self Admission Pass, but we’re going to Disneyland on a day where the Main Entrance Pass is blocked out. I know that I can’t use it to get my guest in, but since that is my entrance to the park as well, does that mean I’m blocked out? I’ve already been told that my green Disney ID will not be sufficient.


    • No, you’re not blocked out, just your guests.


      • Austin says:

        Sorry, I couldn’t reply to your reply above.

        My wife (part-time cast member) was told that she could bring three guests in on sixteen different occasions, as long as she went with. Are you saying that each guest counts as 1 of 16 total guests that she can bring in?



      • OK, let’s try this again.

        Your wife will get an annual pass loaded with 16 uses, each of those uses allows her to bring up to 3 guests in with her.
        1 cast member + 3 guests = 4 guests per usage, 16x/year

        If she brings less than 3 guests in with her, the unused portion do not carry over to the next pass.

        She can get in 16x per year with or without guests. As a PT cast member, I’m not sure you’re going to get a spouse’s Silver Pass. It depends on how many hours she works. So, you might be 1 of her 3 guests per 16 uses.

        More (see Table): https://collinsrace1.wordpress.com/2015/12/18/2016-disney-cast-member-guest-passes/


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  41. […] Link to check any upcoming  Blockout Days: Disney Blockout Days […]


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  44. Carly says:

    Hi — I am looking for historical block out dates (maybe 2015 and 2016) for the end of October and beginning of November. Do you have those posts archived somewhere? Thank you!


  45. Kelly says:

    If we buy tickets for other family members at Company D and receive a voucher how can they turn them into tickets in time for FP window?


  46. Kelly says:

    If we buy tickets for other family members at Company D and receive a voucher how can they turn them into tickets in time for FP window?


  47. C.W. says:

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  48. JW says:

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  49. […] There are some Blackout Dates dates throughout the year, mainly effecting the Magic Kingdom guest passes. As those times are […]


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