The Disney Look – Watches, Smart Watches, and FitBits

Caroline wearing her simple water resistant watch while working at DAK.
Caroline is wearing her simple water-resistant watch while working at DAK (merchandise role).


October 28, 2019 Update:  Starting today, cast members will now be able to wear a single plain bracelet and a single plain necklace. Previously, necklaces and bracelets were not permitted, with cast members only having the option to wear rings/wedding bands, simple earrings, and a classic business-style wristwatch.

Note:  This update does not apply to cast members in QSFB or safety critical roles.

Good Show
Bad Show
Good Show
Bad Show


To quote the Disney handbook“This look is not a coincidence, but a result of our cast members’ support of the Appearance Standards, or as we call it, the Disney Look.”

The Disney Look also applies to the watch you wear at work as well. While 90% of college students no longer wear a watch – if they need to check the time, they just look at their cell phone – it is a necessity while working at Disney!

Not only will you be clocking in and out of work and need to keep track of the time, guests will ask you for the time at least 2-3x an hour while at work.  Disney does not let employees check their cell phone for the time.  In fact, while onstage, you are never supposed to have your personal cell phone in your hand, let alone be looking at it (i.e., checking facebook) or talking on it!  That is a serious violation.

You’ll need to wear a water resistant watch as it rains a lot in Florida, even in the off-season.

Men’s watch bands can only be black or brown, with a plain watch face.  Women’s watch bands can be gold, silver, or white, and also must have a plain watch face.

NOTE:  Only Cast Members in non-QSFB/Safety Critical roles may wear watches and/or FitBits at work!

Some acceptable watch looks:

Plain women's watch.
Plain women’s watch in silver.
Plain men's watch.
Plain men’s watch in black.

Cast Members can wear Fitbits at work.  Many like to track the huge number of steps they walk daily.  It needs to be in a professional neutral color, i.e., black or navy, no patterns or neon colors allowed.

fitbit (2)
Fitbit guidelines for Good Show/Bad Show.

Most CPs are shocked at how many steps they log at work every day!  Typically over 20,000 steps!!!

This is a great Fitbit!  We recommend wearing one if your role allows it.


And, some Cast Members can wear Smart Watches to work!

Guidelines for wearing at Smart Watch at work.

NOTE:  Again, only Cast Members in non-QSFB /Safety Critical roles may wear watches, Smart watches, and/or FitBits at work!

Learn more about the ‘Disney Look’ here:

The Disney Look – Acceptable Hairstyles

Disney Look for Acceptable Eyewear

Disney Look for Acceptable Watches and FitBits

Disney Look for Tattoos, Nails, and More


working together at DAK costume Two Disney Sisters
Working together at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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book Two Girls
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Two Disney Sisters


Two Disney Sisters


26 replies to “The Disney Look – Watches, Smart Watches, and FitBits

  1. Does the smart watch allowance include character attendants? I am going in September for the college program and I really want one but I don’t want to waste my money.


  2. Hi there! I’m heading back to WDW for my second DCP this upcoming April. Do you know if attractions cms are now allowed to wear Fitbits? I wore a regular watch when I worked attractions in 2015, but I can’t find a solid answer anywhere online when it comes to Fitbits. Thanks!


    1. Yup, if you can wear a regular watch in your role, you can now wear a plain FitBit.

      Congrats on being offered a 2nd internship. We found our 2nd internship to be more fun than the first one was.
      Hope you enjoy your second time at Disney just as much!

      Have a magical day!



  3. I have a rose gold Apple Watch. If I change the band on it from pink to a black or white one, would I be allowed to wear it to work (assuming I’m not in a safety critical or QSFB role)?


  4. I got accepted to the DCP for this fall for attractions. I currently have a Fitbit Charge HR, but it has duct tape on it holding it together, so I’m guessing I need a new one. Is there a list of FitBits not allowed or are all FitBits ok? I was looking at getting the Charge 2, would that be ok?


    1. All FitBits are OK, it’s just the color of the band that’s has to be plain.

      Please be aware that most attraction roles are considered Safety Critical (i.e., helping guests load/unload rides) and can NOT wear FitBits.


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