Laila Perfume, the Essence of Norway

Sign outside the store that carries Laila.

Sign outside the shop that carries Laila.

As you head around EPCOT’s World Showcase, many times you’ll notice a distinct pleasant smell among the guests.  It comes to you slowly as you walk around the Showcase, wafting from guest to guest.

Approaching the Norway Pavilion, you’ll notice that it becomes more and more pronounced.  Where is that wonderful smell coming from?

Perfume sampling area.

Perfume sampling area.

Meandering through the shops of Norway, you’ll come to the shop which features the perfume Laila, Puffin’s Roost.  This is a perfume described as being infused of Norwegian mountain wildflowers with a touch of fruits such as watermelon.  The fragrance includes no synthetic additives and can be worn by many who are not able to wear perfumes due to allergic reactions, etc.  The smell is light and refreshing.  Laila intoxicates the senses.

Laila is one of Caroline’s favorite perfumes! 🙂

Caroline buying a new bottle for 2015.

Caroline buying a new bottle of Laila perfume.

The perfume’s creator is Geir Ness, and the first bottle of “Laila” was actually created for his mother.

“When I was a little boy, my mom always took me with her to the Norwegian fjords and mountains,” explains Geir. “I wanted something very special that reminded me of my childhood, loving mother and the fresh clean.


His mother’s signature on the bottle.

“Laila is my mother’s name,” continues Geir. “Without her knowledge, I silk-screened her signature on a bottle and gave it to her on Mother’s Day as a surprise gift. I dedicate Laila to all the very special mothers around the world.”

A lot of women in the shop were buying this perfume!

A lot of women in the shop were buying this perfume!

Geir occasionally makes in-store appearances at the Norway Pavilion at Epcot to meet guests. [At least 2-3x/year.]

It's available in scented lotion too.

It’s available in scented lotion too.

Disney Theme Park Merchandise introduced the perfume to the Norway Pavilion in 1998.

If that's his mother's signature, she has beautiful handwriting!

About $56 for a small bottle.

Eau de Parfum is fresh, clean and alluring—everything a woman wants to be! An exhilarating blend of natural oils, Laila is an infusion of Norwegian mountain wildflowers with just a touch of fruit inflections, including watermelon. With no synthetic additives, it mixes with the skin’s own oils to remain fresh all day without turning or fading.

Notes: watermelon, lavender, Norwegian lily, snowflower, herbs, flowers, musk.


working together at DAK

Working together at DAK.

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