School Bread at Epcot Norway

Epcot's Hidden Gem – Norway’s Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe

Kringla Bakeri is located in the Norway pavilion of Epcot’s World Showcase. Walk through the door and you’ll find yourself in a quaint, Scandinavian kitchen. Kringla Bakeri is best known for School Bread, a semi-sweet, roll-like pastry filled with vanilla custard.

After reading some excellent online reviews about it, we decided to give it a try.

A whole tray of School Bread. Very popular!

A whole tray of School Bread. Very popular!

This treat is a sweet bread roll, injected with vanilla custard, then covered with sweet icing and toasted coconut. The School Bread recipe comes from a classic Norwegian snack (properly called “Skolebrød”), which kids took to school in their lunches and parents sold at bake sales.

The bread is a cross between a cinnamon roll and a dinner roll. It’s not super moist, more like a dry dinner roll. It has black flecks of some spice – cardamom? – in it that we wished was cinnamon instead.

Four of us split one roll. Two of us didn’t like it at all, and all four of us decided that we probably wouldn’t ever order it again, even if we were in Norway.

No, I don't think so!

No, I don’t think so!

The Kafe features a selection of other traditional pastries like lefse, and also a large selection of sandwiches, many of which contain some sort of fish. (No thank you!)

Sandwiches with fish and cheese.

Sandwiches with fish and cheese.

We love lefse!!

We love lefse!!

These looked tasty!

These looked tasty!



There is lots of seating outside, which is nice in the evening or when the weather isn’t too hot.

New this year is the large selection of ‘Frozen’ themed treats available.

Olaf marshmallow on a straw is very popular with the kids!

Olaf marshmallow on a straw is very popular with the kids!

Frosted sugar cookies.

Frosted sugar cookies.

It’s considered good luck to touch the troll’s big nose…it means that you’ll be back! 🙂

Epcot Norway folk lore:  If you touch the troll's nose, you'll be back!

Epcot Norway folk lore: If you touch the troll’s nose, you’ll be back!

We always stop by and touch the troll’s nose for luck!


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  1. I’m kicking myself for not knowing about the school bread. I was just there in October. Oh, it looks delicious! Hopefully I can make it down there again soon, I’ll be heading straight to Norway next time! 🙂

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